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As you know, I only post Kroger deals here on Kroger Krazy. It’s ALL Kroger, ALL day. I do not clutter my pages with non-Kroger deals, because I feel like you come here for a reason – to get great deals on your groceries.

However, I am also “krazy” about Amazon…I even buy my toilet paper on Amazon and I love to share the deals I find! Enter: Amazon Krazy, my new Facebook group created JUST for that reason! Amazon deals can be KRAZY good, especially this time of year and I just can’t keep quiet about them any longer. 🙂

A few things about this group:

  • This is an OPEN group, which means ANYONE can join (after admin approves). Feel free to invite your friends and family!
  • ONLY Admins will be permitted to post deals. That’s me and my helper. Members are allowed to comment, but will be monitored closely to ensure this group remains DRAMA-Free. Members may NOT post links to ANY other site.
  • You can turn your notifications on or off, but I suggest turning them ON as Amazon deals (especially the good ones) go very quickly and can change at any time. So stay close! 😉
  • If you find an Amazon deal you would like me to share, please email it to me at

Thanks everyone! This should be fun!

Click HERE to join the Amazon Krazy Facebook Group

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Linda Sellers

February 21, 2018

Hi, what can I do to get notifications sent an alert to my phone.


October 10, 2013

Hi Karen, I am sorry, but I am only posting to Facebook right now. I will try to come up with an alternative in the future.


October 9, 2013

I'll be there :-) Thanks for all your hard work !!!


October 9, 2013

Do you expect to offer any alternatives to FB? I'm not on FB, but would love to join your group via email sub or rss feed.