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Michelle let us know that Scope is just $1.99 after Mega Savings, plus we have a few coupons including a new $4.50/2 Kroger Digital coupon that will make them FREE! The other coupons available will make them just $0.99, which is a great stockup price!


Scope Mouthwash (750 ml) – $1.99 (wyb 5 participating items)
Buy 2, Use $4.50/2 Scope Mouthwash Kroger Digital (exp 1/25)
Or BOGO Free Scope Outlast, Dual Blast or Classic Mouthwashfrom 12/29 PG (exp 1/12)
$1/1 Scope Classic Rinse printable
$1/1 Scope Outlast printable
$1/1 Scope Dual Blast Rinse printable
$1/1 Scope Product from 11/24 RP (exp 12/31)
Final cost is as low as 2 for FREE!

Michelle is in Arizona, and her prices are typically cheaper…so you may not find this price. I will udpate tomorrow with what I find when my Mega Sale starts. 🙂

(thanks Sassy Dealz!)

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Lisa J

January 12, 201411:24 pm

I did e-mail them. But after a few replies, I basically got no where. I loaded more coupons and went again yesterday and a few did not work again. However, my free yogurt did and it was the only one, go figure. Anyway, I give up. Three consecutive shopping trips with the digitals not working is enough for me. I guess I will stick to my clipped ones lol

Lisa J

January 9, 201403:38 pm

It didn't work for me. I loaded the coupon and when I got to the register I handed my card at the end, so I can see the deductions and nothing. The cashier said it didn't work and I showed her my list of coupons (I printed them out right before just in case) and she said there was nothing she could do about it.


January 12, 201409:28 am

Lisa J, you can email Kroger and let them know that you had a digital coupon that did not come off of your transaction. You will need to enter information from your receipt. They will contact you concerning it. I had the same thing happen a while back, and they loaded the dollar amount of the coupon onto my card to use towards any future purchase.


January 1, 201407:21 pm

And awesome deal Lauren on the Pantenes! I looked in my store and the price was on closeout but no peelies. Were they right on the bottles? Someone cleared ours out no doubt.


January 1, 201410:11 pm

They were on the bigger bottles of non closeout types but just excluded trial/travel size.


January 2, 201412:53 pm

Thanks! I am going to check next trip. I just looked today and the Scope digital cp. is back in my list of items to pick from! I loaded it again! My store def. must have been having a glitch. I have never seen that happen before. Going to try it with 3 more items in the buy 5 and we'll see?


January 2, 201401:40 pm

Great, im glad you found it! Dont want to lose that one! On the pantene, our store only had the 12 oz size on closeout. Not the larger size. :(


January 2, 201401:41 pm

There is a coupon in the p and g for 3.00 off 2 pantenes.


January 1, 201407:19 pm

I did the Scope deal yesterday and the dig. cp did not come off. I only had 2 Scopes and 3 Glide flosses. I noticed before I paid and the checker called the CS and they had to give them some code for the $4.50 to come off. I think Kroger may be having some trouble w/ this coupon because it is now gone! I just checked my active or expired or redeemed coupons online and it is NOWHERE!? Anyone else? Just be aware before you go shopping.


January 2, 201410:04 am

I just checked my boyfriends account and the bogo coupon is still there. I had no problem using mine. Kroger does pull a coupon but not generally after its already been loaded. I dont always find my redeemend coupons right away and sometimes not at all.....Maybe your stores computer was having a glitch?


January 1, 201407:01 pm

I got a great deal and I didn't know where else to share. There was some closeout deals on Pantene shampoo and conditioner for $1.98. There were some peely coupons for $2 off 1 so they were free!


December 31, 201301:31 pm

yes, you can get 4 and only pay for one if you buy a 5th qualifying item.


December 31, 201307:03 am

Question - could I potentially use the BOGO to get 2 and then use the digital to get 2 more -so in total get 4 Scopes and really only pay for 1 of them? Since the $4.50 off 2 would pay for 2 and the BOGO would pay for 1 (that is assuming I buy a 5th item) OR do I need to buy 1 additional item since I am getting 1 for free?


December 30, 201303:15 pm

I'm new to Kroger stores. Can you tell me if I can use a Kroger digital coupon with a (paper) manufacturer coupon on the same item? Thank you!


December 30, 201305:04 pm

No, but make sure the digital coupon you load is not lower than the paper coupon you want to use. The digital coupon will come off first making your higher value paper one not usuable in that transaction.


December 30, 201306:05 pm

Great! Thank you!!


December 30, 201306:12 pm

One other it one digital coupon per item? For example, if I buy 3 Gillette Shave Gels and the coupon states $2/1, will the $2 only come off one shave gel or will the $2 come off each shave gel purchased?


December 30, 201306:41 pm

I just read the digital coupon. It states "one coupon per item." :)


December 30, 201304:01 pm

You can not combine them. The digital one that you have downloaded will be the one that the register will use, they will hand you the paper one back, so always be sure that you only load the coupons that you do not have a paper coupon for. :-) Good Luck!


December 30, 201302:35 pm

Did your BOGO auto deduct?


January 1, 201405:25 pm

sorry, the digital coupon auto deducted, the p and g coupon was entered manualll


December 30, 201305:01 pm

No, it did not. The cashier entered it manually.


December 30, 201306:15 am

If I use the bogo coupon can I also use a $cent off coupon on 2 products?


December 30, 201311:57 am

that depends on your kroger store. some will let you use a coupon on a free item and some wont.


December 30, 201301:17 am

Are all krogers different? Coupon kroger only allows 3 like coupons per transaction/ trip


December 30, 201312:00 pm

generally speaking p and g coupons have a 4 like coupon limit. but it is what your store will allow.


December 30, 201311:58 am

yes, they are different. i picked the one that is most lenient with coupons.


December 30, 201312:36 am

So when i load the $4.50/2 Digital coupon it will only do it on 2 scopes and not on all 10 scopes that i buy, i would need to use coupons on the rest of my scopes correct? (4bogo Q & 1 digital Q) -Sorry if it sounds dumb, im trying to understand the whole digital coupon since its fairly new to me


December 30, 201311:59 am

yes, you need paper coupons on the rest of the scopes over and above the digital coupon for 2.


December 29, 201305:34 pm

How'd you get 10?


December 29, 201308:23 pm

They are 5 for 5. to get 5 i would have come out wrong on the buy one get one free coupons and ended up with 6, So i went for 10 scopes and used 5 buy one get one free coupons from the P and G(jan) and then i also had 10 additional 1.00 off coupons for the scopes. can give you nine or you can get them in the 11/24 RP if you have 10 circulars or combine the 2 sources. As long as they are in increments of 5 you can get as many as you want. 5, 10,15. etc.


January 2, 201409:52 am

My cashier took off the pre-mega price of 2.99, that along with the bogo coupons and the 1.00 off coupons made them all free.


December 29, 201308:28 pm

Or remember if you only want 4 or 8 you can also add other items on the list to make 5 or 10 items.


December 29, 201305:25 pm

Got 10 of them this morning! No problems.


December 29, 201303:53 pm

Worked for me here in Texas!!