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Kroger Closeouts in the Laundry Aisle!!

2014 12:45 pm


Here is another roundup of some of the closeouts happening right now in the laundry aisle Kroger. Let us know in the comments what you find as well!  Be sure to also browse the other posts in my Kroger Closeouts category as many of these are still available!

While closeout deals themselves tend to be nationally available, the pricing can vary by region. They also sell out quickly, so get there soon!

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  1. Not on sale in Texas 🙁

  2. I’m in Cincinnati. I was able to find the Fresh Rain ALL for $2.64. I used a coupon for $3/2 items and scored these for $1.14/ piece! I got 6 of them!

  3. The All was only 2.40 at my Kroger in London Ky so I managed to use the coupons off and got mine for 1.40 for 60 loads. Very happy right now and since I have two Krogers in town I am going to the other one tomorrow to see if I can find any more 🙂 I’ve not been couponing very long and never realized all the closeouts Krogers did until I found this website. I am so happy that Katie shares this information with the rest of the world. I find myself looking on here before I even go to the store just.

  4. Saving Star just added $1/1 All detergent. Has anyone had luck w/ SS and close-out items working? I did the Pillsbury one on cookie close-outs and am not sure it worked. I bought so many cookies I will have to check my receipts if I still have them.

  5. Just wanted to share that the Facebook coupon for woolite is only for the 50oz or larger, the clearance item is only 16oz. The other link is no longer available. 🙁

  6. I’m a kroger shopper in Columbus. All of what you posted was on close out for a $1 or $2 more. But last night I did find Era liquid 50 fl oz. (32 loads) on close out for $2.99 and had a $2 Kroger Digital coupon that only made it $.99! Sorry I didn’t think to take a pic.

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