Kroger Mega Event

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Here is the full inclusions list for the Game Day Greats Kroger Mega Event. This is a 2 week sale! Buy (6) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $3 off INSTANTLY at checkout. The in-store tags indicate that there are NO LIMITS!!

Click HERE to open the full inclusions list released by Kroger.

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $0.50 per item savings assuming you have purchased 6 participating items. 


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Ken B.

February 4, 201405:17 pm

Looks like the DiGiorno printable B2G1 coupon is NLA.


January 27, 201411:10 pm

Propel water bottle $0.49. No coupon required... I had to run for that one when I had miscounted by 1 item. ;). I have to agree this event was great ! Shopping for my house and friends house. Much appreciation to this site for lots of help... I'm in utah so some very minor adjustments required, but not many.. yesterday I did my run and total before coupons and card was $601... I was ready to cry... After card and coupons $285.. Filled three carts ... Not a bad haul.... I Wish Smiths - Utah kroger store doubled :( But thanks again for you hard work on this site ;)


January 27, 201410:53 pm

Just wanted to share that the dole smoothie shakers are included in the $5 WYS $20 savingstar deal :) I emailed them about it. HTH someone :)


January 27, 201410:12 pm

Does anyone know if the Sweet Chilli is included with the Franks RedHot sale?


January 27, 201409:44 pm

When I got onto a few minutes ago there was a coupon for $1.00/1 Hershey's Spread.


February 20, 201402:21 pm

There was also one in the ads about 2 weeks ago for 1.50 off of the hersheys spread.. Worth a try to only spend over a$1 for it :)

Pamela Tesarz

January 26, 201411:20 am

LOVE LOVE LOVE Your site Thank you :)


January 25, 201411:36 am

.50 off huggies wipes on pick up the save .35 on ajax dish liquid November all you


January 25, 201407:37 pm

Thanks ^ for the Huggies coupon. And thanks, Katie!


January 23, 201409:27 am

I left Kroger a little frustrated last night. The two cans of light pringles that i picked up did not ring up at mega event prices. And since it was late there was no one left in customer service. So now i have to go back to try to fix it. The funny thing is that I am pretty that they were marked for the sale. I was staying away from stuff that was not marked since the stores price check scanners were not working.


January 23, 201407:05 am

^I think this weeks Mega Event is better than the past ones! I was going to try to not spend so much on groceries this week, but after looking at all of the great deals it looks like I'll be going over budget, but it will be well worth it to stock up on some of these items that rarely go this low in price. I might even make an extra shopping trip this week, one time just for mega event items to make it easier! Thanks so much for all of your hard work Katie! I appreciate it! You're the best!


January 22, 201406:16 pm

Is it me, or does it seem like this weeks Mega Event is better? Thanks!

Stephanie S.

January 22, 201405:09 pm

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into helping us save money. I always save $40 - $50 a week at Kroger and your website is the only one I use when it's time to make my weekly grocery list. :)


January 21, 201404:03 pm

I am new to all of this, but being a stay at home mom, saving money is a must these days! You are truly AWESOME for offering all this information to everyone! Thank you and keep up the good work!! Wish me luck! :)


January 21, 201409:40 am

I can't for this sale, since the Kraft mac n cheese single cups are .49 only and it's a good filler item. Thanks .


January 21, 201405:29 am

Just wanted everyone to know to look out for reach toothbrushes that have a .50/1 MQ attached to them. I shop in Springfield, MO and our sales adds run Wen. Thru Teusday. I spotted these on an end cap on a 10/$10 sale I had (2) .75/1 MQ when I looked through them I noticed the coupons. Our store has a limit of 5 like coupons. So for (2) I paid $0.25 each and for the other (4) I paid .50 each so total of: $2.50 for 6 toothbrushes.

Heather H

January 21, 201403:51 am

Welchs mixed fruit snacks are listed as included on the full inclusion list and there are paper coupons out there. Can the inclusions be regional? There wasn't a sign out including these and they rung up full price 2.79 at the price checker at my store.

Heather H

January 21, 201403:42 am

Either it's just me or the .50/1 success rice coupon printable is no longer available. Said had reached my print limit but I know I never printed it.


January 20, 201411:52 pm

I'm not sure how you got $1.49 for both on the Lady Speed Stick deos (twin packs). Why would it not be $2.99 for both using the B1G1 coupon?


January 20, 201409:53 pm

Katie, the Honest tea coupon is NLA. :-)


January 21, 201409:02 am

Thanks Amanda! Will update the list. :)


January 20, 201408:54 pm

Can someone tell me how to tell if a certain Kroger is participating in this deal?? I've looked on my Kroger app and it doesn't mention it....the store is a hour a way so I don't shop Kroger much but wanna get in on these savings!

Lisa Weiss

January 21, 201406:01 pm

You can look up that store's circular on


January 20, 201404:11 pm

FYI if you want coupons for the pull up wipes the actual pull up site lets you print how ever many you want


January 20, 201404:57 pm

it only let me print it twice :(


January 21, 201411:45 pm

It asked me how many to print


January 22, 201410:42 am

True, you could tell it to print however many of that coupon you wanted, BUT every single coupon you printed will have the same code, and Kroger will only get their money back for 1 of your coupons. Printing more than one copy when it asks you how many is essentially copying the same coupon over and over. You only get 2 unique prints of the coupon.


January 20, 201403:01 pm

Marcus, the cheapest filler item I see is the Kraft BBQ sauce at $.49 with no coupon required.


January 20, 201402:11 pm

Hey Katie...since this is an odd sale where have to buy 6 items, are you going to provide a list of cheap filler items? So much on this list I am having troubles doing so, heh. It's just odd for me 'cause I only get 5 inserts a week and being six I have to hit multiples of 30 to be okay.


January 31, 201401:46 am

the ice mountain 3 liter water jugs are .49 also. mentioned below is the kraft bbq sauce


January 21, 201409:05 am

Hi Marcus! I will for sure work on that today! :)


January 20, 201401:55 pm

The inclusion list seems to be a list from a November sale. Does anyone have a link to the current inclusion list? I've been searching the web and can't seem to find one.


January 31, 201401:44 am


January 20, 201401:29 pm

There's a blue diamond almond breeze milk (1/2 gallon) on mambo sprouts website for $1.00/2.


January 20, 201402:14 pm

Thanks, Pam. :)


January 21, 201406:06 am

You are so welcome! Can to help.


January 20, 201401:23 pm

Hi Katie, When I click on the honest tea link, I didn't see the coupon $1.50/1. I saw the honest tea $1.50/2 heavenly lemon tulsi. Also, I wanted to let you know Deer Park Spring Water is on sale for $.49 wyb 6 at my Kroger store in Lexington, KY. Your sale price are on point. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Kristine Nelson

January 20, 201401:18 pm

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for putting this list together. I have saved SO MUCH money since I have found your website. : )


January 20, 201401:05 pm

Thank you Katie!! Going to rob Kroger as my husband likes to call it.


January 20, 201411:48 am

Hi Katie thank you very much for the match ups, our sale in Vegas doesn't start until Wed. so I have enough time to get my coupons ready. I really appreciate all your hardwork!

Denise W

January 20, 201411:37 am

Hi Katie! There is a Reach Total Care & or Reach Access Flosser Catalina starting 01.27 thru 2.23.14/ buy2/get $2, buy3/$3, buy4/$4 off next shopping order


January 20, 201411:32 am

Hi Katie! There is a Reach Total Care & or Reach Access Flosser Catalina starting 01.27 thru 2.23.14/ buy2/get $2, buy3/$3, buy4/$4 off next shopping order


January 20, 201411:46 am

Thanks Denise!! :)


January 20, 201410:41 am

Hey you made an error on the Degree Women Motionsense Antiperspirant/Deodorant (2.6 oz) - $2.99 Use $3 off Degree Women Clinical or Women Motionsense Product from 01/05 RP (exp 2/2) Final cost is FREE! its not free the coupon says you have to buy two of the motionsense.


January 20, 201411:07 am

I got the 3$ off of one from my circular. Just got some for free this morning.


January 20, 201410:48 am

Thanks Lakeshia! Will update that! :)