Kroger Total Purchase Coupon

YAY! Kroger just released a new digital coupon for $5 off your $60 order! HOWEVER! There is a catch. Maybe. When I click the MORE button, it says it’s for Michigan stores only. But I was able to load it and I am NOT in Michigan. If you are NOT in Michigan, I would not count on it coming off, but wanted to mention it anyway. #soconfused

Kroger Total Purchase Coupon

So! Michigan readers FOR SURE: Be sure to load this to your card and it will automatically come off when you can your loyalty card at checkout! Coupon doesn’t expire until 1/31, but not sure how long it will last so don’t wait to load it up!

Spend $60 in a single transaction get $5 off your order (exp 1/31)
($60 purchase requirement excludes alcohol, tobacco, fuel and gift cards)

I found it on the VERY bottom of the coupons page. LAST coupon.

(thanks Rebakah, Tiffany & Mike!)

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January 24, 201411:08 pm

I spent over $60 this evening and the $5 off $60 ecpn came off my total southern ohio


January 24, 201409:48 pm

The coupon did work for me tonight in KY. :)


January 23, 201410:53 pm

I shop at my local. Kroger(Tennessee) and I was able .to load. and. use. this


January 22, 201402:45 pm

This coupon just worked for me and i am in texas.


January 21, 201409:22 am

I was able to load the coupon to my card and I live in Cookeville TN. Visited my local Kroger yesterday and it came off! :-)


January 19, 201409:09 am

Check ur email. I got email that saying something about wheater when was very cold 2 weeks ago,and being patience...something like that... And click that from ur . I was able to get that coupon for Michigan only. Before i was looking all over the place in kroger website can not find that coupon, but if the sent the link to ur email, its ryt away.


January 18, 201410:50 pm

Showed it came off my total today. I live in Ohio.


January 18, 201405:40 pm

That was the real question for me: Is it being honored outside of the target areas & the answer appears to be: NO!


January 18, 201401:43 pm

Was able to load the coupon in Indiana, but it did not work.


January 18, 201411:56 am

I cannot load this and I am in Michigan - the link you have posted just leads me to my kroger online account, I searched it and was unable to find it. Please help!


January 18, 201411:10 am

I'm in Cincinnati and I received an email to download this coupon!

Gail W

January 18, 201410:31 am

I live in Michigan and counld not find this coupon any where on the kroger web site

Mrs Freeman

January 18, 201412:12 am

I'm in MI and I didn't get it either. Seriously?


January 17, 201410:49 pm

I'm in MI and I didn't get the coupon. Last time they had one for OH and it did work for me. Who knows if they fixed it since then. It just seems funny that no one in MI is getting it.


January 17, 201409:43 pm

Yea we went and ended up getting 212 worth of stuff for 105... if we would of only gotten stuff we had coupons for it would of been less than 40 lol... but still I'm happy to be over the half way point, it can only get better. Anyways didn't get any 5 oyno even tho it was loaded to card :/


January 17, 201409:40 pm

You'd think they'd learn. This happened awhile back except I think it was just for the Cincinnati region. I'm in KY and that one came off for me then, hopefully this one will too. I loaded it earlier today without even realizing it had that restriction. Lesson for Kroger: if you make a coupon region specific only let people with their store listed as one in that region be able to access it!


January 17, 201409:29 pm

In coupon at 9:30pm


January 17, 201409:05 pm

I'm in Michigan too and just checked and there was no coupon to load. Bummer!


January 17, 201407:03 pm

Yes, it's gone. I'd looked thru all the coupons. Nothing. I live in KY.


January 17, 201405:43 pm

Ugh. In Michigan and it's gone. DARN.


January 17, 201404:19 pm

I'm in Michigan and I didn't get the coupon. :(


January 17, 201404:16 pm

It's gone! Looks like too many non Michigan people loaded it so now we from Michigan can't even get it anymore. :(


January 17, 201404:09 pm

Mine says "Coupon redeemable in Kroger stores in the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Miami Valley areas Only." So apparently there are regional coupons.


January 17, 201403:58 pm

Yay, I got an honorable mention haha... Anyways, we are going today in a few hours, we are going to ask about it.


January 17, 201405:52 pm

Mike's a SUPER STAR!! :)


January 17, 201411:07 pm



January 17, 201403:54 pm

No coupom in Indiana.


January 22, 201408:09 am

Where in IN are you? I am in northern IN.


January 17, 201403:51 pm

I was able to load it to my card right here in Columbus, OH!


January 17, 201403:44 pm

I was able to load it here in KY too, but it does says MI only. :( We'll see when I check out today. :)


January 17, 201403:29 pm

No also in Arkansas. I loaded it today!