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Pepsi 6 Pack Bottles as Low as $0.99 at Kroger!

2014 4:00 pm

pepsi kroger

Just wanted to make sure everyone caught this MUST-DO deal on Pepsi this week. Last week's coupon expired, but we received a NEW one this past weekend that still makes this an amazing deal for the final week of the Mega Event!

These products are $2.49 in my region but I am seeing that many of you are finding them for only $1.99 so only $0.99 – $1.49 after coupon.  Definitely a stock up price!!!

ALL Pepsi owned varieties are included in this sale (Mtn Dew, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, etc.), but the coupon says PEPSI. However, many times these coupons will apply to ANY Pepsi brand product and the coupon even pictures Diet Pepsi. Use your best judgement.

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  1. I bought Diet Mt dew and Dr pepper with no problems or beeps

  2. Has anyone tried these on the different varieties ie:dr pepper, mt dew?

    • I tried this yesterday with Diet Mt Dew and the coupon would not scan. It appears the coupon might only be coded for Pepsi and Diet Pepsi (as pictured.)

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