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Closeout Deal on Back to Nature = Free Snacks at Kroger?!?

2014 1:15 pm

Back to Nature closeoutHere's a great deal on Back to Nature snacks at Kroger.  There were quite a few on closeout but these are the ones the I liked the best!!

While closeout deals themselves tend to be nationally available, the pricing can vary by region. They also sell out quickly, so get there soon!

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  1. Cassie S says:

    I got 2 boxes of the crispy wheat thins at my Kroger-they were $1.23 closeout price so my 50ct coupon doubled & they cost me 23cts each! Not as good as your deal but still a bargain!

  2. In MI the close out prices were pretty high. 2.19 for wheat crackers.

  3. I checked the close-outs in my Denver area King Soopers looking for g.f. as well. No, they had fudge mints, oreo-type, and some wheat crackers. No rice flour tho.

  4. Does anyone know if these are gluten free?

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