NEW Neutrogena Catalina = Great Deals at Kroger!

2014 1:36 pm

neutrogena catalina

We have a new Neutrogena Catalina generating at Kroger right now that will score you some great deals on these normally very pricey products!!

neutrogena catalina

2/16 – 3/1 | Neutrogena Products (excluding trial sizes and bar soaps)
Buy (3) = $5.00 OYNO

Deal Scenario:


Even though the bar soap is excluded on the Catalina advertisement, the Acne-Prone Skin transparent facial bar priced at $2.99 WAS marked in store. There are no coupons for these, but still a good deal if these are something you use. The lower priced bars ($1.89 ones) were NOT marked and probably won't generate the Catalina.

There are endless possibilities with this Catalina as almost ALL Neutrogena products are included. Check for more Neutrogena coupons in my database and make your own deal scenario for your favorite products!

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  1. Forgive me everyone because I am a semi-newbie at this! Is it really true that coupons printed off Target’s website are manufacturer coupons that can be used anywhere? If so, y’all just blew my mind!

    I would love any and all more details about this, and thank you in advance!

    • Rarely are the Target coupons manufacturer coupons. Usually, you have to print and see if it states Target or manufacturer at the top of the coupon.

  2. Boo! I just missed a great deal. I had the $3/2 from the Target site and I happened upon tubes of the cream cleanser on Manager Special for $3.33. I picked up 2 thinking that the deal was buy 2. I should have checked! If I had the $1/1 and picked up one more it would have been an amazing deal! I did get 2 tubes for $4.33 though, which is a pretty good deal as-is. Kicking myself though! Grr.

    And FYI, the $1/1 from Healthy Essentials is still showing available to me. You have to click on “Beauty, Skin, Lotions, & Hair Coupons”. At least it’s showing for me.

  3. Can I buy 3 regular soap and get the $5.00 cat?

  4. Hi from Atlanta! Our store had the bar soaps marked for the catalina offer, so…I picked up three bars for $2.29 ea. and the catalina rolled out w/no problems. Also used the coupon printed earlier from Target’s website ($3/2), woot!

  5. The link for $1/1 is no longer showing the q available and the q from is $3/2 but limit one per purchase per customer 🙁

  6. OMG! the cat CLEARLY states “Excluding BAR SOAP”!!!! Please don’t promote the misuse of coupons! At the end it will affect all of us.


    • OMG Meri, are you new? If it is tagged in the store and is generating a cat, then it is okay to buy. Get a hobby!


    • @ Meri. Wow! Try reading the post and looking at the pictures first before you accuse people. I haven’t seen any misuse of coupons posted on this site.

  7. Target has Neutrogena coupons online – $3 off ANY 2 items.

  8. There is a $3/2 Neutrogena manufacturer’s q on the Target website.

    • The link for $1/1 is no longer showing the q available and the q from is $3/2 but limit one per purchase per customer 🙁

  9. The Neutrogena Bar is only $2.09 at my store 🙂

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