Coupon Gone. 🙁

We have a great Tyson Batter Dipped coupon available to print today that goes well with the Kroger Mega Event.  LOVE when this happens!! Coupon can be found zip 77477!!

tyson batter dipped

Thanks Erica!

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June 17, 201411:29 am

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February 26, 201411:14 pm

My Kroger was totally sold out of these. Hope they restock before Sunday!


February 24, 201412:45 pm

B2G1 coupon seems to be gone.


February 23, 201406:07 pm

I bought these without a coupon a few weeks back, silly me! My 2 yr old loves them with her ketchup, and I eat them too. I would recommend oven cooking for these, they get nice and crispy on a piece of foil. Enjoy!


February 22, 201410:21 pm

I bought these today. I checked out at the self-check, and was a little puzzled at my total. I went to the car, carefully check my receipt, and this coupon was not applied. Went back inside, the man in customer service went, pulled the coupon out of the register, and refunded me the amount. Now I need to submit the information for the Neutragena Catalina that didn't print.


February 22, 201406:40 pm

Cathi Have you tried the coupon at a Target, if you have one near you? Never had a problem there, and they usually deduct the full amount the coupon allows ($6.89, for example).


February 22, 201406:39 pm

I guess I will be on the lookout for the Honey flavor then. FYI- the general reviews on the product weren't universally bad, people just said they are a little greasy. So...we'll see.


February 22, 201405:47 pm

My Kroger told me they do not accept internet printed off coupons that give you a free item because they are considered fradulant. I was super upset.


February 22, 201401:57 pm

Has anyone found the Honey battered kind at Krogers? They are tasty.


February 22, 201410:00 am

If you do the buy 2 get 1 free deal, do all 3 of the items count towards the 6 items needed to get the lower price or just the 2 that you actually pay for?


February 22, 201410:48 am

All 3 go towards your total for the Mega Sale.


February 22, 201408:28 am

I take back my review. We have not had these. We had the new "crisper" chicken nuggets.


February 22, 201408:06 am

I follow another blog and when this deal was posted it had an over whelmingly amount of bad reviews. Some people even said they threw an unopened bag away because they tasted so bad. I myself haven't tried them, but I just wanted to throw it out there. By the way, katie, thanks for all you do. I don't have much time to coupon but your blog helps me get all the deals with minimal effort. Thank you!


February 21, 201411:49 pm

We had these last night for dinner. I usually won't eat chicken nuggets but these were pretty good. They are crispy and I made a dipping sauce and they did not get soggy from the sauce. I would definitely eat these again.


February 21, 201410:13 pm

Are these "adult" taste approved nuggets? I usually eat Perdue Simply Smart. But hey, a free bag?


February 21, 201404:07 pm

I'm missing something. I'm coming up with $2.66/bag ($1.67/lb.) if I buy 6 bags and use two of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free coupons. Am I calculating wrong?


February 21, 201404:57 pm

The scenario shows that $4.49 is deducted as it should be for the pre-mega price. Many stores including mine do this because not everyone buys 6 to get the $3.99.


February 21, 201405:07 pm

Thanks for the clarification!! Hopefully mine will, too! :)


February 21, 201403:28 pm

Could you buy 3 and use 2 0.75/1 and the buy 2 get 1 free together? Its been a while since I have been couponing and just started back and wasn't sure if this is allowed anymore:)


February 22, 201410:46 am

Yes, I did this last night!! GREAT DEAL!!!