puffs tissues kroger
These were in my Weekly Ad Matchup but I wanted to make sure the Catalina worked before I told you about it. Sure enough when I went this morning and purchased four (4) boxes the Catalina popped right out.  This makes for $0.44 a box which I consider a stock-up rice. As a reminder, the Super Sale Digital coupons can be used up to 5 times in a single transaction.

puffs tissues kroger

No Date Indicated | Puffs Tissues
Buy 4 = $3.00 OYNO

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Karen p

February 12, 201410:55 am

Just did this today & no cat. =(

Karen p

February 12, 201410:54 am

Melissa, how did you contact Catalina? Company?


February 11, 201407:33 pm

i got this deal a few days ago and it went fine. went back to do it again and the digital coupons were fine but no catalina. even went to customer service and they coulnt ete one to print either so i would say the offer is expired!


February 10, 201408:08 am

Tried yesterday and it didn't print (my Kroger region is Central).


February 9, 201408:41 pm

Tried today too and didnt work either...?


February 9, 201407:12 pm

It didn't print for me either. I was bummed.


February 8, 201404:01 pm

Didnt work for me today either. I just wrote the catalina company so Ill let you know what they say.


February 11, 201403:23 pm

I just heard back and they are sending me the $3 CAT that was suppose to print!


February 8, 201401:57 pm

Not working for me today


February 7, 201401:00 pm

Didn't work for me this morning either. Bought 4 boxes basic puffs 180 ct. for $1.49 each and had clipped the digital coupon to my account so at least that came off and I saved a little but no catalina. Machine was working because a bunch of coupons printed. Oh well!


February 7, 201410:49 am

Just tried this with 4 boxes. Didn't work. :( I asked the attendant and she said the only thing going for Puffs right now was the 30cents off with the super sale. She said catalinas are regional?


February 6, 201401:35 pm

I just tried at my kroger and it didn't work ;( i know catalina machine was working cause i got other coupons. I guess an 180 ct box of puffs for 1.19 is still a good deal though !


February 6, 201408:14 am

I just tried this in Kroger Mid Atlantic and it did not work. super sale coupon worked but Catalina did not print. Catalina machine was on and working because I received other coupons.


February 5, 201403:13 pm

I havent tried this yet.. But wanted to ask if anyone knows f there is a printable to go with this. My krogers allows me to ue both digital and paper coupons together. Thanks in advance


February 5, 201410:57 am

Can you use manfq on top of this new digital super sale or are these digital coupons manfqs ? This super sale is throwing me for a loop.


February 5, 201406:25 am

Just did it yesterday and it worked!


February 5, 201401:25 am

Thank you for posting this. This digital coupon was actually available to me unlike some of the others.


February 5, 201401:01 am

According to the Krazycouponlady, the catalina end date is 2/23, so this should work through the whole super sale.


February 4, 201407:31 pm

Andi F - Are you sure it is the end date? Katarina got it today 02/04/14. Can you check to see what the start date was? Thank you!

Andi F

February 4, 201404:56 pm

FYI, I had a register printout about the puffs catalina, and it said the last day of the catalina was 2/1/14. I was bummed!


February 4, 201404:10 pm

This works with the Kroger 3 like coupon policy? Is it just one scan but you can buy up to 5? Sorry, coupon newbie. :^(


February 5, 201401:06 am

This is a Kroger DIGITAL coupon - a special one that is associated with the super sale, so the "like" rules do not apply. You should see a red triangle with the words "super sale" for this special digital coupon at Kroger.com. Once you "clip" it online it will be associated with your shopper's card and should come off automatically at the register. "You may use this coupon up to 5 times in a single transaction." for the digital super sale coupon means you can buy up to 5 Puffs and have the 30 cents come off each one in one transaction.


February 4, 201403:40 pm

Does the catalina roll?