All You 6 issues for $1.66/issue

This crazy insane deal has been extended through MARCH!! Woohoo!!

Right now you can score a full 1-year subscription to All You Magazine for ONLY $5! SAY WHAT? That’s less than $0.42 per issue, which is AWESOME! At this price, it may even be worth grabbing a 2nd subscription.If you’re unfamiliar with this magazine, let me familiarize you! All You is a must have to build your coupon stash up quickly! It is a monthly magazine that you can now even find at Kroger – or you can order a subscription. Each month features several great coupons plus money saving tips!  For example, this month and last month this magazine offered a $1/1 Suave coupon that scored us FREE product!!

Valid through 3/31/14.

**Please keep in mind that when you purchase this deal, you are signing up for their Automatic Renewal Program. This is NOT a big deal. You may cancel at any time during your subscription.

Click HERE to get this deal

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February 25, 201404:58 pm

They will not let you use a gift card to subscribe. So, it is a no go for me. Have had trouble in the past with automatic charges.

Shannon J.

February 25, 201406:12 pm

I have, too, but I love the magazine and signed up for this deal. I chose to pay with Paypal so I could manage my subscription payment through Paypal and cancel the recurring payment without ever having to deal with the magazine company with just the click of a button. I won't deal with the magazine company because of problems I have had with them before.


February 25, 201403:44 pm

You get digital and publish


February 25, 201403:43 pm

Ok well in the disclaimer on this deal it says they will bill you annually for the amount they charged you when signing up so sounds like its $5 per year until you cancel :)

Shannon J.

February 25, 201410:19 pm

It does sound like that, but it is NOT TRUE! They say that the way they have it worded, "the price in effect," means that you will automatically be charged the rate that is in effect at renewal, not the rate in effect when you purchased. I did this once before when it was a great price and expected to be renewed at that price but was charged $18. They refused to honor the agreement, so I canceled. I love the magazine, but the customer service is awful. I got this deal, but I paid with Paypal so I can cancel the recurring payment through Paypal without having to deal with the company at all. That is what I suggest if you do this because you will be charged a lot more than $5 at renewal.


February 25, 201412:29 pm

Is this for digital subscription only or a mailed edition?


February 25, 201412:08 pm

They also claim to send you a renewal notice-they don't and then automatically charge your card for $26 for one year subscription. I just got through doing a chargeback to my cc company since they pulled this. Use a card that's about to expire.