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August 18, 201511:50 pm

Just letting you know that if you buy 2 Digiornos a dollar catalina is printing and if you buy 3 Ronzoni or Creamette you will receive a $1 coupon on your next purchase. I would also like everyone to know if you sign up for the Box Tops for Education you can get coupons that can earn money for your childs school. I received $2 that I'm going to give to the school my grandson attends in Kentucky.


April 10, 201502:35 pm

My Kroger in Alvin, TX has idiots working at it also. Apparently it is extremely difficult to put paper in the catalina machines. I sent corporate an email asking them to please train the cashiers to replace paper. Their response "I'm sorry you had this experience. If you would like, I will be happy to contact Catalina about your problem". My response back to Kroger corporate "Yes please do contact Catalina for me and have them explain to you why Kroger employees can't put paper in a machine". I didn't get a response back.

Jerry Larabee

February 6, 201510:35 am

You sure are right! Kroger's is Krazy! Last night was another Krazy Affiar from Krogers. I went to the Bridge St. Store here in Chillicothe,O instead of the Western Ave. Store where they treat you so rudely. This guy Cory in Customer Service is really rude to you at the Western Ave. store. He double charged me last week a 1.99 for TarTar sauce after arguing with me about how confusing I felt the store signing was. One store employee agrees to give me the product for 1.99, and then Cory orders him to go over and take the 1.99 out and in that process they end up making an error and charging me twice for the product. Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish with your customer. This Cory then mentions something about wanting to ban me from the store for changing prices, and that they have me on video doing it???? Granted I find numerous pricing error, but I always inconvenience myself and take the price tag up to the desk, and if it is something with the wrong tag on it I might move it to its appropriate space. Just wondering how all that benefits me, and how I can get something for nothing by deception? Must be some misunderstanding to accuse me of such a thing. After all the item still has to go through the bar code scanning. The guy just wants to argue with you and slander you in the process. This same guy a couple of months ago argued with me when something was marked wrong and told me that he would give them to at the price on the sign, but I could not go back and get anymore at that price. I told the manager Josh about it before I left the store. Josh told me that he had put the display up, and the price was correct, and I could have as many of the product that I wanted at the displayed price. The manager assured me that he would counsel Cory about his conduct. Evidently, it did not do any good. Well last night to avoid conflict and to go to" Kroger's the Happy Way to Shop", I went to the Bridge St. store for my refund. I used my Ohio Direction Card and being a senior citizen with low income, they have to put it back on my card. I introduced myself to the manager and showed him my receipt and told him of my horrible experience at the other store. I; however, was disappointed with the transaction because I got no receipt verifying that it was placed back on my card. Sure only a 1.99 cents, but significant when you only get slightly over $700.00/mo. pension income. I had a $1.00 off coupon for Lloyds Barbeque Beef which I held in might tight little had to save some money. Well, since they are remodeling the store, I walked all over the store trying to find it. After about about 20 minutes of wondering around, I asked for help. In the process I asked 4 employees to show me where it was, and none could find it. I spent about an hour or longer in the store. ( Overall a lot longer time with Krogers than I ever wanted to, when you consider the discourteous way I have been treated by them.) Two of the employees were nice enough to "point with their finger" where they believed it was located. (Note: I use to work in a grocery store when I was a youth, and we always said that was a rude way to help the customer, and referred to it as being tantamount to "giving the customer the finger".) One store clerk was polite enough to go on the safari with me. Well, none of us could find the product, even the meat clerk himself, said he didn't know where it was either, and he was a new employee and sorry he couldn't help. In the process, of this adventure I lost my $1.00 coupon somewhere in that darn store. And I really wanted that Barbeque Beef, and how disappointing to have to pay a $1.00 more for it and make another trip back to the store. Now, Mr. Bruce A. Macaulay President of Columbus Division for The Kroger Co., I want you to know that I used those coupons that you sent this week, this evening. However, I ended up shopping primarily at Walmart, and they matched the price on everything that was on sale at any other store advertised in the Chillicothe area with NO HASSLE OR ARGUMENT OR DISCOURTESY!! And if there ever is a problem with an employee, Mr. Skaggs, Store Manager, takes care of it. They further will give me a $20.00 gift card for any inconveniences. I have reported problems to you through your contracted evaluation services, and there is never any follow up. It makes you wonder if your attention to customer services is just "window dressing and disingenuous". And it is amazing also how the Kroger Co. will try to circumvent sensitive customer's complaining by having your loss prevention department send out "no trespassing" letter to such customers. By doing such a thing is doing a disservice to them as well as to yourself, as such customers are very valuable to you and are being very candid with you. Most people will just "shrug their shoulders" and go shop at Walmart. If you like, I'll go to work for you, as I would like to get paid for finding all of these wrongly marked prices and errors and exposing poor customer service. However, I would expect to get paid a lucrative salary for my services, particularly after you see my resume with education and experiences. I am only a poor man now because of being a victim of circumstance, and I am elderly.


March 12, 201510:50 pm

I agree that the krogers here in Chillicothe are not what they used to be. My husband and I drive to Hillsboro Kroger because its a nice clean store....very nice employees and always stocked up

sandy Getz

November 10, 201407:14 pm