Free Milk

As mentioned in the weekly ad, we have a new Breakfast Favorites FREE Milk promo happening at Kroger! This is a 2 week promo that runs with your sale cycle.

Get a FREE Gallon of Milk or 1/2 Gallon Organic Milk wyb 3 participating General Mills Items (Mix or Match) – NO LIMIT!

Here is the full inclusions list of participating items.  According to the ad this excludes organic milks but in my store these were marked. Let me know what you find at your store.  I tested this deal tonight buying 3 participating items as well as a 1/2 gallon of Simple Truth Organic Milk and the promo price came off with no problems.

Free Milk Promo

Milk Promo

On top of the free milk, there is also a Catalina going on that will help you to score even more!  Please note that ALL Kellogg's cereals qualify for the Catalina offer but not all qualify for the free milk so I wanted to make sure to highlight the FREE milk Promo.  You can mix and match any combinations.  Please note, Kashi does NOT qualify for free milk promotion.

kelloggs catalina

3/3 – 3/30 | Kellogg's and/or Kashi Cereals ( 8.7 oz+, Mix or Match)
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO

kelloggs catalina

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Heather H.

March 10, 201404:28 pm

Yeah, all the nature valley and fiber one bars are 2.99 here in metro Detroit. No deal for me. Even with that 1.25/1 coupon the price is too high to add to the stockpile.


March 10, 201412:37 pm

Hey Katie-- For the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal coupon, mine states 12.5oz boxes or larger. Just wanted to let you know. I'm hoping to find a 12.5oz variety included in the sale when I make my trip. We'll See. :) Carmen


March 8, 201412:25 am

HI my daughter went and bought the cereal But she only bought the Kelloggs because you got a Catalina’s and she got Chocolate milk. than she took the catalina and went back later and got the white milk.. I love your site..


March 6, 201409:52 pm

I didn't see this in the post but maybe I didn't look good enough, but chocolate milk is also part of the deal! I did 2 transactions today and in one of the transaction I bought tru moo chocolate milk (originally $5 a gallon) and got it free wit ph the cereal!!!


March 6, 201409:18 am

For the Kelloggs Catalina's.... is it best to do multiple transactions? As it appears if you get 4+, you get a $3 Cat, so you can't get multiple catalinas for one transaction, right?..... But if you do separate transactions of 3 cereal each, you still get free milk and $2 Cat, right?? Looking for best deal and trying to stock up.....Also using Kelloggs, GM and Post coupons, but know only Kelloggs generates Cat's......


March 5, 201412:50 pm

In Knoxville, TN, Pop Tarts and Fiber One Brownies are $2.99. Bummed. :(


March 5, 201402:55 am

All the lowest priced participating cereal are $1.67 in my region! SCORE!


March 4, 201411:52 pm

I if buy 6 participating items, will I get 2 milks for free?


March 5, 201410:55 pm

yes, no limit (small letters in your ad) 3 = 1 milk 6 = 2 milks 9 = 3= milks


March 8, 201412:28 am

If you bought 6 with the milk would you only get the 1 $2.oo Catalina or would you get 2. Thank you


March 9, 201412:15 pm

Only 1 per transaction usually. But you can use the $2 catalina to "roll" to the next transaction, which you would buy another 3 Kellogg's cereals, use another $1/3 coupon, and the $2 catalina. Pay $3 for 3 boxes of cereal, a gallon of milk, and get another $2 catalina. Making it like $1 for all for items :)


March 4, 201402:32 pm

Indianapolis ads start on Thursday.


March 4, 201402:31 pm

If you have enough reward points with Kellogg's Family Rewards, you could get some coupons to make the deal even sweeter - .75/1 Kellogg's cereal or Pop Tarts (redeem 500 pts) or 1.50/1 Kellogg's cereal or Pop Tarts (redeem 1000 pts).

Dee Rushforth

March 4, 201401:09 pm

When does this start - I look in the ad for this week in Indianapolis - didn't see it unless I overlooked it. And I checked Cincinnati Ad to see if it starts on the Sunday and I did not see it there either??????? Great deal and I don't want to miss it?


March 4, 201402:05 pm

Depends on your region. Best to just go to and find your store based on your zipcode. Your ad should appear and you can see then. I'm outside Columbus, Ohio and mine started yesterday(Monday).


March 6, 201401:23 pm

I did this deal today in the dayton region and it didnt give me any catalinas :(


March 14, 201403:33 pm

I did it in springfield and t printed


March 4, 201412:33 pm

Amber, cocoa puffs is included in the free milk AND the catalina???? My son would love to have a box of those for snacking on.

Regina Adkins

March 4, 201409:36 am

How do I get the coupon to get free milk or is it in the Kroger flyer? Im new at this an learning.


March 4, 201410:00 am

The price is deducted at checkout for the milk when the register sees that you bought what qualifies. HTH


March 4, 201409:33 am

Cocoa puffs is also included as well


March 4, 201409:12 am

So does this one or does it not include organic milk? I thought I read somewhere you said it excludes organic. The ad graphic you show says it excludes organic. But your text in this post indicates it does include 1/2 gallon of organic milk. (my sale cycle doesn't start till tomorrow, so I can't check with my own store just yet)


March 4, 201409:13 am

NM. I read but didn't read enough. Sigh. No excuses. Sorry.