dove hair coupon

Check out this AWESOME new Dove coupon that just became available to print, valid for $3.75 off 2 hair products! Perfect timing for the final week of our Mega Event*. Yep, you're gonna score these babies for ONLY $0.12 each!! BOOM.

dove hair coupon

dove hair coupon

Valid on these products as well if you didn't get the higher value insert coupons, or just wanted more on the cheap!

*dates run with your sale cycle. Ends April 1st for most of us.

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Veronica herndez

March 29, 201405:58 pm

It won't let me print


March 29, 201412:23 am

There is $2 coupon on the 3/23 rp inserts:) hope that helps.


March 29, 201412:10 am

Says that the coupon has ended. Booooo!


March 28, 201411:18 pm

went to the website. it said I would get a 3.75 coupon. watched the video, then it said that promotion had ended. so no coupon.


March 28, 201410:36 pm

Since I cannot find these at kroger, I'll wait until sunday to use it at Walgreens. 2/$6-3.75mq=$2.25-2,000balance rewards=$.25cents wyb 2


March 28, 201410:28 pm

These were $2.49 at my affiliate store Smiths. Still bought them since i had them planned into my 5 for 5 deals. Makes them about .62 cents each so still not bad :)


March 28, 201409:28 pm

No matter what I try, I rarely get these coupons you advertise to load. It always says there’s an error.


March 28, 201412:01 pm

Lori, I have the same problem. I never can get these coupons to print. :(


March 28, 201411:20 am

No matter what I try, I rarely get these coupons you advertise to load. It always says there's an error.


March 27, 201410:52 pm

I tried to use the manufacturer coupon with a store deodorant coupon and it went through without a problem.


March 27, 201407:01 pm

my store is 2.49 a bottle :(

Roci R

March 27, 201406:16 pm

TY! Ran to Kroger right after your post & got them :o)


March 27, 201405:53 pm

$2.17 in SE Texas not $1.99


March 27, 201408:09 pm

Same in North a Texas Dallas Area :0(

Paige Dove

March 28, 201409:18 am

Same in middle Tennessee :/ at least it's only an extra $0.16 though. I've seen some things Katie's posted that were $1+ more here.

Paige Dove

March 28, 201409:19 am

Meant $0.18 lol


March 27, 201404:59 pm

Does anyone know if the dry shampoos are included in the mega sale? And what would the prices be. At target you can get dry shampoos for .82 cents each when you buy four, using 2 of the dove coupons and the target $5/15.


March 27, 201404:55 pm

click the link and it goes to the video at walmart site and then goes to walmart and the video disappears! :(

Heather H.

March 27, 201404:27 pm

No you can't kadi because all kroger coupons (except kroger owned brands) are manufacturer coupons as well.


March 27, 201404:39 pm

I have gotten Kroger Store coupons in the mail for $1/$5 any laundry detergent purchase, $.50/$2 deodorant purchase, etc and successfully used them with manufacturer's coupons. I guess it just depends on your store.

Amy M

March 27, 201409:21 pm

I depends on the coupon. I spoke with a manager who was checking me out the other day because they were super busy. She said a lady comes in all the time and pairs manufacturer with the store coupons. I too have done the same. Mainly the deodorant one. I have also used one with meats. For example: I had a $2/$10 from the meat department, I know I used at least one Johnsonville sausage coupon with it, no problem.


March 27, 201403:52 pm

It won't let me go to the link :-(


March 27, 201404:04 pm

Mandi try firefox or IE, sometimes Chrome does not work with the links.


March 27, 201403:37 pm

OMG I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to use these coupons before the mega event ends. Dove shampoo and conditioner is the best and I love that it will be so cheap! I already got a lot of H&B products already but this deal is so hot I am going to have to go back and grab these!


March 27, 201403:08 pm

Can you use a manufacture coupon and a Kroger coupon on the same purchase? Mine never lets me!

Kelly S.

March 27, 201403:34 pm

My store never lets me either.