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Check out this awesome-ness. Dove Men+Care Shampoo & Conditioner is just $2.49 when you buy 5 participating mega event items, right? Wellll…hopefully most of us received this BIG FAT $2.50/1 coupon in our Redplum inserts today. That's called FREE!

If you did NOT receive this coupon, consider ordering from a coupon clipping service or ebay.

(thanks Brittany!)

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March 28, 201403:05 pm

How do you print these coupons? I've tried everything!


March 24, 201407:55 pm

Just logged onto Kroger digital coupons. Many of the Axe and Dove coupons, the $2.50, $2.00 and $1.00 ones are also available digitally.


March 24, 201402:32 pm

So I am new to this whole coupon thing. Are there more great sites like this that ya'll use. Thanks.


March 24, 201407:02 am

I believe what Julie is trying to saw is the Unilever coupons read you can only use two like coupons. Which is fine so you only get two free in that transaction. You buy 3 other things in the Mega deal to get to 5. This in no way is fraud.


March 23, 201410:59 pm

Does anyone know when this sale ends?

Julie W

March 24, 201401:28 pm

It is a 2 week mega sale. Last week and this week. For many of us, it will end next Monday. For others, it will end next Wednesday.

marie miller

March 23, 201410:52 pm

Some people think if your getting something for free it illegal and we shouldn't be doing it. They think millions of people that are getting them free legally are wrong and the few that aren't are right..., hmmmm bass ackwards. I like this site it is one of the few that has unadvertised special I can check before I leave house I will continue to follow her. I'm just glad I'm not behind some of these ya'hoos in line lol can you image them telling cashier no no I don't want to use coupon and get it free... or no I do not not want you to double coupon to give it to me free.... or worse try to tell one of use how to use our coupons?? :-)

Julie W

March 23, 201410:07 pm

Hey Everyone, It's the "Good Julie" I don't think that any of us can thank Katie for what she does for us! As we have seen with this Julie today and Nancy the day of the Bzz Agent fiasco ($25/$50), there will always be negative individuals that will pick apart every single thing that Katie posts and will try to find things to correct her on. This is the second person that I have seen accuse Katie of fraud and I want to remind the accusers that Katie has a good relationship with Kroger and she has taught many of us from the ground up, how to use coupons in a courteous manner. She is the ONLY blogger that many of us follow, because frankly, we don't need to follow anyone else. We don't need to compare her to other bloggers. Why? There really isn't any comparison! Katie has stated before that she has learned to overlook the negative Nancys' but those of us that have come to appreciate all she has given our families, will have her back to the end. Take your negativity somewhere else, please! #teamkatie

Julie W

March 23, 201410:25 pm

*Thank Katie enough.... :-)

Tracie K

March 23, 201408:17 pm

Just ignore Julie:)! She obviously wants a rise out of us! Just ignore! We all know that this site Does Not promote fraud! Move on:)

Roci R

March 23, 201407:53 pm

Just got back from Kroger in Westerville, and was lucky enough to get 1 of these for free :o) Here are some other items I noticed that are in the mega sale & match the q's from today's RP. Axe shampoo $2.99 - $2.50/1 = $.49 Caress bar soap 6pack $3.50 - $2/1 = $1.50 Dove shampoo or conditioner $1.99 - $1.50/1= $.49 Dove stylers $3.09 - $1.50/1 = $1.59 Dove men+ body wash $2.49 - $2/1 = $.49 Tresemme premium (25oz) $3.99 - $2/1 = $1.99 * these are all mega items so you must buy a combination of 5 included items to get the sale price. I also picked up the Dial hand soap refills for $2.50 as part of the mega event & used a $2/2 ecoupon that I loaded today to get them for $1.50@. I got the foaming hand soap which is 32oz. The regular bottles are 7.5oz so it was like getting 4.25 bottles for $1.50 or $.35 per regular bottle. The basic hand soap refills are 52oz for $2.50 as part of the mega event as well. W/ the sale & ecoupon they work out to 6.9 bottles for $1.50 or $.22 per regular bottle.


March 23, 201405:59 pm

Oh Julie....please don't ruin our happiness :)


March 23, 201405:57 pm

Katie Obviously we all love you! This site is ALL positive and happy for those of us who love couponing :). Thanks for all you


March 23, 201405:47 pm

does anyone elses krogers not accept coupons that are more off than the items cost. mine wont accept 2.50 off an item that is 2.49. :(


March 23, 201411:44 pm

Hi Kristi! This one shouldn't give you trouble, because it actually rings up at $3.49. The Mega-Sale is technically a Store Coupon they deduct at the end of the transaction and does not "attach" to the Dove like a manufacturer's coupon. HTH!


March 23, 201404:31 pm

Don't worry about her. She leaves the same rude comments on multiple sites to start drama. Ignore her it's not worth it.


March 23, 201406:05 pm

I hear you Meaghan... it is nothing more then to get a rise out of us normal human beings...just ignore her and keep a good eye on Katie's site as she adds nothing more then happiness to our couponing days! Love you Katie and awesome work!


March 23, 201402:56 pm

Julie, go to hell and stay there. Katie is amazing at helping us. You certainly must be friendless. Stay away from here if you don't like us. Katie does NOT promote fraud she promotes savings.


March 23, 201401:41 pm

Also, I understand, what the coupon says. You don't have to buy 5 shampoos that's why there is a mix and match deal!


March 23, 201401:39 pm

Julie, actually our Kroger is 5 like coupons in the same transaction. Every Kroger is different. Some Kroger is 2 some 3 sOMe 4 etc. How exactly is it fraud?I would suggest you learn to coupon and keep your mouth shut if you don't know what your doing!

kaci Guisinger Harrison

March 23, 201412:07 pm

Lol Julie is on her high horse! I can tell you where to stick your coupons Julie if you're having trouble finding the spot!! :)


March 23, 201412:06 pm

I just wanted to thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to your website , please don't let some egotistic lady on a rant keep you from helping all of us to be better shoppers . My friends and I are so greatfull to have you in our corner


March 23, 201411:47 am

Katie has been getting a lot of grief lately. I find it to be very rude and inconsiderate. We all know the coupon policy and the know that Unilever product are a limit of 2 like coupons per transactions. Julie why don't you coupon police all the people that are using the Purex coupon wrong that came in the paper last week that being posted every where. I am sure they would be grateful for your hard work. Thank Katie for all you do.


March 23, 201411:34 am

Again she works her butt off to help us. Follow The rules! Really people get a grip, thank you for ALL you do


March 23, 201411:22 am

Julie if you don't like how she runs her site then Bu-bye. No one is making u follow her


March 23, 201411:17 am

if you use 2 coupons- the second beeps because it's over the 2 pennies. my cashier just manually entered it.


March 23, 201410:59 am

What coupon clipping company should I go through? I am new to couponing and do not know the ropes,but I definitely want to learn


March 23, 201411:02 am

Abbey, I have some recommended ones listed at the end of this post:


March 23, 201411:00 am

A good one is klip2save or


March 23, 201410:58 am

Really Julie? I don't see how it would be coupon fraud. Katie said there was A coupon in todays paper. And she stated use $2.50/1 to get ONE free. We all know it's mix and match on mega sale items. She did not say buy 5 and use 5 coupons. People can use 2 coupons and buy 2 and get them free for each transaction. We also know you can do more then 1 transaction and use 2 per each transaction. I'd like you to explain how she is promoting coupon fraud??? OMG


March 23, 201410:53 am

I'm not sure how she is promoting coupon fraud here. She is saying that they are included in the MEGA...not saying you have to or should buy 5 of this item. This item is free with ONE coupon when you buy ANY five participating items. Thanks for all you do Kroger Krazy!


March 23, 201410:52 am

Julie, your ridiculous! Step off your high horse.


March 23, 201410:50 am

is this new week sale or current Sale? my new wk starts on Wednesday.. just so I'll know if I should go today or wait?


March 23, 201410:59 am

Dolores, the Mega Sale is now happening in all regions. Wednesday starts week 2 of the sale for you, so you can get these anytime.


March 23, 201410:48 am

Limit 2 per transaction.Your back to promoting coupon fraud AGAIN.


March 24, 201408:44 am

Julie, you need to take a coupon class this will help you understand how to use coupons


March 23, 201408:27 pm

You can use 5 identical coupons per transaction/person a day (At my Dillons). The Mega sale is buy 5 (Mix/Match), so if someone wanted to use 5 identical coupons they can, if they want to mix it they can.


March 23, 201401:54 pm

Wow! Don't know where you came up with that assumption. Katie basically pointed out that to get it for free you need to by 5 items that are part of the mega deal promo or the dove will ring up at the higher price and not be free. Thanks Katie for all you do for us sensible people.


March 23, 201401:29 pm

Julie, She never said to commit fraud! DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND how the mega event works??? Why don't you learn how to read and understand why you are reading before you make Ignorant and rude comments.


March 23, 201401:30 pm



March 23, 201410:58 am

How is she promoting fraud? She said when you buy 5 participating items she didn't say to buy all 5 shampoos. I think it is very rude to accuse someone of fraud.


March 23, 201410:53 am

How is this promoting fraud? If you dont like how she does things why dont you just unlike her page and stay off of it! It CLEARLY states buy 5 participating items. Also Kroger coupon policy is you can use 4.


March 23, 201410:51 am

ummm you can buy 5 of ANY item to get promotional value.. how is that fraud