Finish Mail-In-Rebate

If you happened to look through your 3/16 SS you should have found this awesome Mail-In-Rebate for Finish Quatum, Powerball/Gelpacs and/or Rinse Aid.  According to the rebate you can purchase ONE detergent and ONE rinse aid.  So to get the biggest bang for your buck, walk out of Kroger with TWO items 🙂  We have some great prices with the Kroger Mega Event so now is a perfect time to shop and submit the rebate.

Rebate ends 4/12/14 and must be submitted by 5/21/14



crest rebate

Now while you're doing this, if you want to head over the Health & Beauty aisle, you might as well grab a bottle of Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash and submit for a Mail-in-Rebate (hangtag found on the product or form HERE) at the same time.  I recommend that for this that you purchase on a separate transaction since you will be needing to mail this form and receipt to another location.

Rebate ends 4/30/14 and must be submitted by 5/30/14

Crest rebate

(thanks Amanda and Steven!)

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June 17, 201410:17 am

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March 31, 201403:17 pm

What if I don't have the form? Is there a way to still get one?


March 31, 201402:23 pm

I purchased 5 of each of the gelpacs and rinse aid. I was just looking over the rebate info and it says "Only (1) offer per person of household address." Does this mean I can only get one rebate for the 5 items I purchased? This is a little confusing. Everything was purchased in one transaction as this was the only way to get the $5 off 5 savings.

Ashley L.

March 29, 201411:11 pm

I was wondering the same thing with the Crest mouthwash rebate. It does say not to be combined with other offers or coupons and you must submit your entire reciept. I did use other coupons on my order (not for the Crest) but reciepts never state what product the coupon is for so how would they know that for my rebate? Has anyone clarified if this will work yet?


March 29, 201401:11 pm

Where do I find the Finish Rebate form? Is it in the box?


March 29, 201401:13 pm

Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I just saw you posted a picture of the form from the coupon insert.


March 29, 201404:46 am

Do you have to buy both products (quantum finish gel packs and rinse) or can you just buy the gel packs?


March 28, 201402:29 pm

I wanted to buy the Crest but when I read on the mouthwash tag that this deal cannot be combined with any other deals, including coupons, I didn't know if they would deny the rebate. Can you help me with understanding this?

Julie W

March 29, 201409:28 pm

You don't have to use a coupon to get the mouthwash for free. The mega price is 2.99 and the rebate is for $3. You would not be using any other offers, just the rebate. :-)

Roci R

March 28, 201402:28 pm

There is also a crest prohealth 1L rebate form that you can print from their website:


March 28, 201401:36 pm

I wasn't able to print any finish coupons. is there a particular zip code that has to be entered?


March 28, 201401:30 pm

U leave info for great deals but I can't print anything from ur web and these prices an freebies are not at my krogers... So this isn't helpful to me.. I can't get these mega things... Also where do u get these large coupon amts?

Julie W

March 29, 201409:32 pm

If it isn't helpful to you, maybe you should try to look for a blog that is closer to your location. This one may not help you, but it helps thousands of other people save hundreds of dollars!


March 28, 201406:14 pm

Everything is regional, from sale offers to coupon values in the newspaper. I sometimes find better deals at my Kroger and sometimes the deals are worse. You just have to take it as it comes, but this site gives you an excellent point to start looking!