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Ok, this is just B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! So, Izze Single Sodas are on sale for $1 at Kroger right now. WELLLLL…these are also part of the Mega Event which means when you purchase 5 participating items you get an additional $1 off per item. Um, that's called FREE – not a single coupon needed people!!

We tested this deal this morning and it is NOT a mistake in tagging. They were totally FREE!! However, I would get there sooner than later in case they decide to pull the deal. These can be found in the Organic/Natural foods section at Kroger.


The Mega Event runs for 2 weeks WITH your sale cycle. If your sale cycle starts on Wednesday, do NOT run out today to get these. Wait until then and you will find all the mega deals.

New to Mega Event shopping? Read THIS POST and watch my video!

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March 19, 201401:12 pm

I'm in Virginia Beach VA


March 19, 201411:29 am

This did not work for me, I'm in the katy, tx area, did it work anyone else?


March 19, 201411:28 am

My Kroger's sale (Mid Atlantic) started this morning and the tag was up on the single bottles. I took a picture and then when it came to check out the bottles did not reflect as part of the mega event. i showed the cashier the pic I took and he went to check it out. After he and two other cashiers (maybe a manager) discussed it for what seemed like forever he came back and said he because it was a double sale the register didnt know what to do and he would still give me my bottles free. They took the signs down after that.


March 19, 201409:47 am

well, I went to my Kroger in Athens, Ga at 7:30AM this morning, and there were only 4 IZZE drinks there. They were not tagged with the Mega sale stickers and did not ring up as part of the mega sale. Five dollars did not come off my total. The deal is dead, Troy has fallen. . . . bummer, too. We do not drink any kind of soda, but these juice drinks are really yummy! I was looking forward to getting a whole mess of these! oh well, cest la vie. Thank you for taking the time to tell us anyway, Katie!


March 19, 201409:41 am

My hubby just got 30 for free!! lol


March 19, 201410:15 am

Where are you? State/City? For the rest of us still hoping to get this deal


March 19, 201409:14 am

Just got them at my Kroger. The tag said they were part of the deal but they didn't come up when I made my purchase. The manager manually entered the $5 off. Thanks.

Fai Port

March 17, 201408:13 pm

Deal is dead in Texas. About the people taking single bottles out of the 4-packs, I have been told to do that by a manager of the Kroger store, on several occasions, if the flavor that I want is gone in individual bottles.

Shannon G

March 17, 201408:11 pm

I stopped at the Kroger in Bloomfield Hills, MI today and they had a sign up at the front of the store stating that it was an error on the singles and was only for the 4pks.


March 17, 201406:50 pm

This was a mistake, was not supposed to be a part of the mega, only 4pks, if your store carries that(but not free...just $1 off their price), ...the price tags on singles are being pulled, prices fixed, or product being pulled till stores can fix it...just an FYI...was an oopsie:)


March 17, 201406:40 pm

Kroger in Southern Ohio had this deal this morning, so I grabbed 5. After so many people called in ordering cases and clearing shelves, corp pulled the plug. The same thing happened with the zest bar soap a few months ago. They usually let it go as long as people don't get greedy. Unfortunately, we all know how that goes. I hope that the individuals who ordered the cases will hold up their end of the bargain when their cases arrive. However, some people only want something that is free. We all like a good deal, but there comes a point when you just look ridiculous! 40 bottles, 4 cases, every item on the shelf? Get a grip! Why would you brag about something like that? Most of us that follow Katie, do so on a regular basis and when some of you brag about clearing the shelf, ordering cases, etc.. it doesn't make you look thrifty, it makes you look like a glutton!


March 17, 201405:15 pm

@kristin That is what I mean. That is wrong. They are just going to leave a huge pile of cardboard cases somewhere is the store for employees to clear up? I have bought the singles and the cases both, the cases have different barcodes. People doing this, I really think it is wrong. Not "unethical", but Kroger is going to catch on to people doing this.


March 17, 201405:00 pm

Why or how are people "ordering cases"? The deal is for the single bottles only. You are just going to chuck the case aside? Or are you ordering single bottles?


March 17, 201405:28 pm

if you talk to your manager you can buy cases (single bottles that get shipped in a big box, not those 4packs) its for people who want to buy a large quantity of an item without clearing a shelf, this the nice and legit way of getting a good deal


March 17, 201411:42 pm

Store manager said they came in cases but I told him I would like to buy single bottles and he said it was fine. Just let them know up front. The guy I talked to said they get most of them in a case but can sell them in singles.


March 17, 201405:09 pm

they take them out of the 4 pack for the single bottles


March 17, 201404:45 pm

This must be a mistake. I am sure only the case of 4 bottles should be in the buy 5 save 5. Taking single bottles out of the case, what are you going to do with the cardboard case? Toss them in a pile at the register and take out the bottles? Like others have said, the cases have a barcode on them.


March 17, 201404:37 pm

My store shelf was cleared except for three lone bottles. They usually have at least 150-200 in the store. Someone went in and cleared them. I really dislike people who clear the shelf and dont leave any for others!!


March 17, 201404:24 pm

is this deal dead now? has anyone been able to do it recently? was it a mistake


March 17, 201404:10 pm

I am fine with taking advantage of the store's glitch (which it was, and at least once or that I have already gone to has corrected it)...however, greed is greed people. and whoever suggested taking the individual bottles out of a 4 pack to scan individually is absolutely unethical. the individual packs and the four packs have different codes and different pricing, so this messes up Kroger's inventory. It fuels the anti-couponer fire and will hurt all of us in the long run. I am glad that Katie shared this deal with us, but disheartened by some people's greedy, dishonest reactions to it.


March 17, 201404:07 pm

They pulled this sale at my kroger already.

Mary (Kristie) Casanova de Canales

March 17, 201403:48 pm

I am fine with taking advantage of the store's glitch (which it was, and at least once or that I have already gone to has corrected it)...however, greed is greed people. and whoever suggested taking the individual bottles out of a 4 pack to scan individually is absolutely unethical. the individual packs and the four packs have different codes and different pricing, so this messes up Kroger's inventory. It fuels the anti-couponer fire and will hurt all of us in the long run. I am glad that Katie shared this deal with us, but disheartened by some people's greedy, dishonest reactions to it.


March 17, 201405:08 pm

not unethical the nutrition manager said to do it if they didn't have enough


March 17, 201403:39 pm

I think this is wrong. Sorry, but to those of you that wipe the shelves you are being greedy about it and then other people can't even get one. Three it's no possible was Kroger could ever account for this because if they had 2000 bottles, someone would come along and think they were entitled to all 2000, nor caring that the next person can't even get the 5/$5. They need to put limits on these because some grown adults just fine know what appropriate is.


March 17, 201403:26 pm

I went to the Fremont Kroger on the west side of town, the shelves were wiped clean. A woman in the check out had a cart full to the top. She must have cleaned the shelves. There were lots of empty 4 pack cartons. I was going to try to order some but overheard a manager tell one of the stock boys that he thought it was a mistake with the tags and he was calling corp.


March 17, 201403:53 pm

I figured it, so I didn't even go, if Katie found it, I knew it was wiped out


March 17, 201401:49 pm

How can I check my ad in Albuquerque? I know the ads run Wednesday -Tuesday.


March 18, 201403:32 pm

We are most likely going to miss this one since ours (NM) starts on Wednesday. :(


March 17, 201401:44 pm

I have never ordered anything before. Interested in ordering some drinks. Is there a good amount you recommend I ask for? Is it better to order them in person or over the phone?


March 17, 201401:29 pm

If your store is sold out and they have the four packs just take them out of the cartons and ring the bottles up seperate. This does work and you will get the mega sale discount. I just got 40 bottles for free :)


March 17, 201402:56 pm

Wow! Is doing something like that allowed? As a regular shopper, I would not have thought to do such a thing. As a new couponer....I still cannot imagine doing it without negative consequences....if not by the store but my own conscience. Am I wrong to think this is an inappropriate measure for getting a deal? Again, "WOW"!


March 17, 201404:02 pm

No. I am with you on this one. I am interested to see what mine are marked at on Wednesday.


March 17, 201402:38 pm

i would think that would mess up their inventory, did you ask management before you did that?

Tonya Harper

March 17, 201401:15 pm

Has this started in the Mid-South Region or does it start this Wednesday?


March 17, 201401:11 pm

Wendy, I think your comment was uncalled for! I really don't view Katie as someone that clears shelfs and then tells us about the deals once she has returned home.


March 17, 201403:57 pm

yes I re read it and it was, I wasn't trying to be snarkie, and I did try to go 15 minutes after the post and it was wiped out, and your correct Katie does a great job for all of us, and I'm sorry if my post was taken wrong, I wrote it wrong...if you get some will you please let me know how it is, if it taste good, ive seen these before but have never tried them


March 17, 201412:28 pm

This worked at my Kroger (southern Ohio) but I did the self checkout and got stopped. The lady said "Hey wait! Did those just ring up free??" I told her yes and she called three other workers over to discuss it. I pulled this website and showed them the picture. After much discussion they let me leave with my drinks. They said they were going to call Columbus :(


March 17, 201402:43 pm

I bought mine with other things so it cause attention (my stores aren't really coupon friendly) plus if you check out with a younger guy they don't seem to care, as long as everything scans right.


March 17, 201412:11 pm

I just ordered 4 cases


March 18, 201405:14 pm

u can try to order them, but i bet u never get them. i did that with the wipes and they said they ordered them but wouldnt let me have them before the coupon expired. they just wont call u and tell u to pick them up. they dont have to honor that


March 17, 201412:15 pm

They allow you to order cases for free? Is there a max to the number of cases allowed on an order?


March 17, 201412:19 pm

I even showed he deal to the manager she said no problem


March 17, 201401:21 pm

How do you order cases?


March 17, 201412:07 pm

I have a feeling all we will find is cleared shelves! :( Which makes me so sad! These are my Husbands favorite, and I would love to get him some!


March 17, 201411:57 am

When you buy 5 participating items, you get 1 dollar. So for every 5 items you can get one of the drinks free


March 17, 201412:03 pm

It is $1 off each participating item you buy. You buy 5 bottles for $5 then the computer deducts $5 off your total at the end.


March 17, 201411:53 am

So if my ad comes out on Wed. I have to wait until then for this deal?


March 17, 201412:04 pm

Yes. I am waiting for mine to start Wednesday. Hopefully there will still be some by the time I get there.


March 17, 201412:14 pm

Oh, then I might just have to call and make an order. Love it!! Thanks for the response Jean


March 17, 201411:50 am

where it is located Katie in the organic section??

Laura Moody

March 17, 201411:48 am

So if you buy 6 that only makes one free?


March 17, 201411:45 am

my store wasn't running this special. bummer


March 17, 201412:05 pm

When does your weekly ad come out? It might not have started yet.


March 17, 201411:01 am

IKatie, is this a glitch? I know Kroger rocks, but to just literally give away thousands and thousands of these is crazy! Have you ever personally known Kroger to do such a thing? I am in Texas, so my sale will not begin for a few days. If this is an error they will probably be correcting it before I am able to get some:(


March 17, 201411:15 am

I am sure she is just posting what she sees plus if you read the entire post she said not a glitch as it was a tested deal that ended up being free. Kroger has done that in the past.


March 17, 201403:00 pm

Thanks, Marie. I guess I got so excited, I did not read that part:( The Kroger stores in my area are really great, but this deal is beyond! I cannot wait to see if it works on Wednesday! Even if....thank you to Katie for having the most detailed and fun site available to the Kroger fans! Thanks so much for all you do!


March 17, 201410:59 am

This is an awesome deal. I've been wanting to try these drinks, so this is the perfect opportunity. Looks like I'll be heading to the store pretty early in the day! ;) Thanks so much for sharing!


March 17, 201410:53 am

So do you get the 1$ back on your check out to use the next time or do you get it off that ourchase


March 17, 201410:58 am

Te dollar comes off your total when your buy multiples of 5 for the mega event.


March 17, 201410:53 am

What flavor is good? I haven't tried this. Thanks


March 17, 201411:13 am

We didn't like these back when it was a freebie. We opened it and all had a taste and the rest went down the sink. Honestly I do not remember the flavor.


March 17, 201404:55 pm

I picked up the very last IZZY drink on the shelf that time they were the Friday Freebie, it was Clementine flavor and I thought it was great tasting! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. My hubby and I thought the lime flavored ice mountain waters were terrible but another person loves them. I hope we have some priced for the $1 mega event at my store. I will grab 5 or whatever amount is needed to make an even 5. We can use these as "fillers" in the mega event to get to the 5 mark in case we have an oddball number. Possibly this is what they priced them this way for? (or they are trying to get rid of them!!!)


March 17, 201404:59 pm

* I mean IZZE :>)


March 17, 201410:50 am

maybe this is why there was no free friday last week. sometimes the prices are different at you kroger... i hope not last week the natures valley bars in your kroger were $2 at my kroger they were $3.49/houston area/ for the milk deal


March 17, 201410:36 am

did you leave any for us Katie here in fremont or are they all gone already, don't want to waste precious gas if you bought everything ?


March 17, 201412:48 pm

Wendy, my helper tested this in Columbus this morning. I have been glued to my computer posting deals. :)


March 17, 201403:54 pm

wasn't sure if my family would like these, but I went 15 minutes after I saw the post, they were gone, but oh well hopefully people can post if they are good or not


March 17, 201410:26 am

If there is no limit, then I won't be able to get any because the shelves will be cleared.


March 17, 201410:18 am

Does this sale not start till Thursday for Central region? I am in Fishers, In.


March 17, 201401:33 pm

No, we have to wait until Thursday for this sale to start. I'm in Westfield, IN. But we have a few more days to get free milk.


March 20, 201406:27 pm

Carrie, I'm in Westfield, IN also. I mostly shop the Hazel Del store.

Renee Wendland

March 17, 201410:07 am

Can you please check prices on iams cat food shows its on the mega event wondering which sizes and how much please and thank you


March 17, 201410:19 am

Renee, I am working as quickly as I can to get the list updated. My sale just started this morning.


March 17, 201409:59 am

I'm not holding my breath on this one since our prices tend to be about .20 higher than yours, but even at .20, I'd order a case!


March 17, 201411:24 am

How do you order a case... how does that scenario work?


March 17, 201409:48 am

Is there a limit on how many we can get for free?? Thank you!!


March 17, 201410:20 am

No limit Kelsey! :)