FREE Renuzit Cone

Today’s SavingStar Friday Freebie is 100% rebate on your purchase of (1) 7 oz. Renuzit Cone! This coupon can be activated in your account TODAY only and you must purchase the product by 3/16/14! This is not an Ecoupon that comes off at checkout. You pay the full amount, but then will see the amount go into your SavingStar account within a few weeks.

With SavingStar, the money goes directly into your account. Once your savings reach $5, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to American Forests.

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March 14, 2014

Are there any coupons for Renuzit?


March 14, 2014

Thank you for adding the "within a few weeks." I just started using SavingStar last Friday, and I was wondering how long it actually took for purchases to show up in your account. I'd even commented on another blog a few days ago in which the blogger insisted that her SavingStar discounts were taken off at checkout. That had gone against everything I'd read about the program. But she insisted that that's how it worked. :)