Kimberly Clark Catalina

We have a new Kimberly Clark Catalina generating at Kroger right now when you purchase Paper Products that is going to score you a SUPER deal!

Kimberly Clark Catalina

3/3 – 3/31 | Kimberly-Clark Family Care Paper Products
Buy $20 or more in a single transaction = $5.00 OYNO

The $20 is BEFORE coupons and you can mix and match any of these products to get to that total. This is likely a LIMIT 1 Catalina, so if you'd like to purchase more than $20…SEPARATE your transactions. 

Kimberly Clark Kroger Catalina

Here are all of the participating products along with available coupons, plus the deal scenario that I just did. There are not a ton of coupons available for these items, but I totally scored with these peelies I found attached to the Cottonelle products! Soooo hoping you guys find these as well!

Deal Scenario:

Buy (2) Cottonelle Ultra Care or Gentle Care Toilet Paper (12 ct double rolls) – $5.99 (thru 3/15)
Total: $21.96

It's difficult to get a grasp on “price per item” since we're buying 2 different things in the scenario above, but trust me – that is a SUPER deal! Just to get an idea how much you are paying per “single” roll of toilet paper, here's a scenario if you buy all toilet paper. It works out to be a STOCKUP price* for sure. For realsies.

Buy (4) Cottonelle Ultra Care or Gentle Care Toilet Paper (12 ct double rolls) – $5.99 (thru 3/15)
Total: $23.96

Kimberly Clark Catalina

And as promised, here is a list of other participating items along with coupons if you'd like to create your own deal scenario.

*A good stock up price on toilet paper can be calculated a couple different ways. I try to pay less than $0.25 per single roll – so if it's a double roll that you're calculating, you'll want to divide your amount by 2 to get the single roll price. You can also calculate the square footage. Typically, you don't want to pay much more than a penny per square foot.

Aren't sure how Kroger Catalinas work? Read through THIS POST.

(thanks Jasmyn, Elise, Stephanie & Brittney!)

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June 16, 201402:07 pm

I don't even understand how I finished up here, however I believed this post used to be great. I don't understand who you are but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!


March 16, 201411:09 am

I didn't get the catalina either and I'm in WV.


March 13, 201401:45 pm

No catalina for me in Central IL either...

Kristine Nelson

March 12, 201407:33 pm

I bought $22.00 worth and NO COUPON printed out for me either. Westminster / Arvada Colorado


March 12, 201412:48 pm

HMM No catalina print for me in Toledo but customer service gave me 5.00 she said that it is regional thought I read somewhere that cats are not regional oh well glad I got the 5 back anyways


March 11, 201407:18 pm

I bought 3 Scott toilet paper and 1 viva towels mine printed fine.....someone pulled off all the peelies from the cottonelle wipes! HOW RUDE!!!


March 9, 201412:46 pm

I bought (2) wipes $5.49 ea and (2) 12 roll Cottonelle and did not get a Catalina. I'm in Texas.


March 9, 201411:52 am

I purchased 3 12 rolls of TP and flushable wipes, made my total 21 and change but no catalina for me :(


March 8, 201410:53 pm

I did this deal and so did two of my friends. None of us got a catalina. Is there a way to contact someone to fix this?


March 8, 201405:39 pm

I'm in VA and I purchased 2 cottonelle ultra care 12 pks and 2 cottonelle flushable wipes and DID NOT receive a catalina. I'm going to submit to catalina network and I'm sure they will send me one.


March 8, 201403:17 am

Also did not work for me in Toledo. Bought $21.96 worth of items and nada.


March 7, 201410:37 pm

I love the deals that you post. I went to my store to do this today and someone decided to tear all off the peelies off the toilet paper and wipes. Very disappointed in my fellow couponers in my store because this happens all the time. :-(


March 8, 201403:20 am

It might not be that they were taken off. The ones with coupons are pretty old in some locations, because most of the coupons expire in May and June of this year. I've seen these peelie coupons with this expiration date around for a year or more so it could just be that the items sell faster in your location. :) My favorite stock boy told me just because one XYZ product comes in with a peelie doesn't mean every one of that size will. He hasn't steered me wrong yet...LOL!


March 7, 201410:54 am

I also purchased 2 toilet papers and 3 wipes and it didnt come out for me. Customer service will not honor the picture of the catalina coupon from my phone.


March 7, 201407:45 am

No cat for me either. Im in Findlay ohio.


March 6, 201411:46 pm

I also did the same scenario as above plus two more flushable wipes and did not get the catalina. I'm in MI


March 6, 201410:20 pm

I bought 3 of the Viva paper towels $5.99 each=$17.97 and 2 Kleenex $1.99 each=$3.98 with a total of $21.95 before tax and didn't receive the $5.00 cat :( Northwest Ohio location.


March 6, 201409:57 pm

I did the exact same deal in the pic and no cat came out here in North Texas:( Im going to ask tomorrow and hopefully I can get the $5 back.


March 6, 201406:47 pm

My mom got one of these about a month ago that was just for her card. Tricky.


March 6, 201404:58 pm

The same thing happened to me. The catalina wouldn't print and when I told them there should be one they just gave me $5 in cash back.


March 6, 201401:01 pm

I bought five of the cottonelle flush able wipes at 4.99 each and the cat didn't print for me :( I live in middle tn.


March 6, 201403:34 pm

I know the feeling. I bought 2 cottonelle flush and 2 of the scott toilet paper and my total was over $20.00. The catalina did not print for me. Customer service refund me my $5.00 when I told her there is a catalina deal going on and mine did not print.


March 5, 201411:02 pm

if i buy 3 kelloggs cereals and $20+ on cottonelle in the same transaction i get 2 different catalina coupons or only 1 ???


March 6, 201412:11 pm

yes you will get both because they r 2 different cats.


March 5, 201408:21 pm

This is not the scenario in my neck of the woods Hamilton Ohio the only Cottonelle that had peelies were the larger $13 packages and they were only $1.00 off and when I bought 4 of the $4.99 ones I got NO CATALINA. I went to the service desk and returned them. They had no idea what I was talking about. They had not heard of any Catalina for Cottonelle or any paper products.


March 5, 201411:03 pm

You have to hit $20.00 exactly! $4.99 x 4 = $19.96, therefore you didn't meet the threshold. It has to be $20 or more in order for the Catalina to print. It worked perfectly for me here in Utah. I bought the Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue 16 double rolls for $5.99 x 4 = $23.96. I use four $0.50/1 peelie coupons AND received the Cat no problems! Great deal considering these packs have almost 500 square feet each!


March 5, 201410:44 pm

4.99 x 4 = 19.96 i think the $20 is before taxes


March 5, 201407:56 pm

I did the same transaction as the comment above, I also didn't receive a Catalina. Are Catalina regional?


March 5, 201407:19 pm

This deal didn't work for me. I got two toilet papers and two flushable wipes.


March 5, 201403:07 pm

@ ABHSaver This might help! :-)


March 5, 201402:42 pm

Can the cat be rolled onto the next transaction and still print?


March 5, 201406:11 pm

ABHSaver, YES! Kroger Catalinas always roll! :)