I don’t usually do this, but coupons have been reaching their overall print limit very quickly these days and I don’t want any of you to miss out on these great deals because you didn’t print the coupons in time. So, even though I already have all of these in the Mega Event printable list, I thought I would also give you a QUICK link to all the coupons so that you can just click it ONCE and have all the ones you need for next week’s Mega Event. Remember,  you can print 2 per computer.

kroger mega event coupons

kroger mega event coupons

HERE is the QUICK LINK – all preclipped and ready to go! Just make sure you use zip 77477 (and then refresh the page) so the Magnum coupons show up.

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March 20, 201401:24 pm

If you have been lucky enough to get the catalina printout for Fruitaire it is a 1.50 off making the price 1.50 instead of 1.99. Great Deal and Thank you Katie for all your hard work you do.

Amy S.

March 19, 201410:01 pm

I'm so lost with this new sale cycle...what in the world did Kroger stand to gain by starting the sales on Wed??? Are these deals the ones that began today for the Wednesday sale cycle people? I looked for the Oscar mayer, the wheat thins crackers, and the magnum bars yesterday, but they were all full price. How about the campbell's skillet sauces? Did that start today?


March 17, 201409:58 am

Yesterday I tried to use my Kraft cheese and she wouldn't take them since it said redeemable at Wal-Mart. However I have used them be careful. I probably could of went to CS but I had ice cream and the line was way long

Pamela Cullum

March 17, 201401:17 am

Do you know if this is going to be the same deal in ARkansas?


March 17, 201412:14 am

Thanks so much. I am just starting to coupon and this really makes it possible.


March 16, 201407:59 pm

Cannot find the Oscar Meyer lunch meat coupon anywhere!?????


March 16, 201409:21 am

What zip code do I need to use to get the Oscar Mayer lunch meat coupon?


March 16, 201407:50 am

The. Coupons say wslmart??


March 15, 201405:21 pm

Thanks Katie, you are awesome! You're helping me save my family a lot of money each month!


March 15, 201401:10 pm

Hi! When doing these deals, do you have to buy an even 5 of everything or is it simply buy at least 5 items and the number can be uneven??


March 15, 201409:12 pm

You have to buy these items in multiples of 5 (so 5, 10, 15, 20 etc) but they are mix and it doesn't have to be "5 Ritz" it could be "3 Ritz & 2 Miracle Whip". Hope that helps!


March 16, 201407:46 pm

So you don't have to separate your order into groups of 5, right? If I buy 15 participating items all in one order it will take off $15 total? For years I have been separating orders into groups of 5 and it takes forever to check-out.


March 16, 201409:04 am

Thank you!! :)


March 15, 201411:26 am

I notice most of the matchup coupons are "redeemable at Wal-Mart." Does Kroger accept these?


March 15, 201401:48 pm

it does! It's a regular manufacturer coupon. :)

Dawn Koch

March 17, 201407:18 pm

I wouldn't say Kroger does...depends on the Kroger. None in my area will accept them.


March 14, 201409:46 pm

Awesome! Thanks. :-D


March 14, 201409:21 pm

Aww...thank you to you both for saying that!! My goal is to make your life better, so YAY! Glad this helps!


March 14, 201409:05 pm

Thank you! I'm new at this and this made my head hurt a lot less!!


March 14, 201406:53 pm

Thank you for making things SO EASY! This is the best coupon site. No one else makes couponing so simple. Thanks!