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Have you looked at your 3/23 SS?  If not, you really need to open that baby up and see what coupons you received because they are HOT!  These coupons came at the right time to make a great Mega Sale AWESOME!



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March 27, 201412:28 pm

I'd checked my kroger ad (Louisville area) the Axe is on sale wyb 5 is $2.49 with $2.50 coupon is FREE!!!


March 26, 201402:14 pm

How can u price match buy 5 save 5 prices at Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart makes each item be in the ad also they require u to have the ad.


March 26, 201402:11 pm

My kroger has dove shampoo for 2.49 not 1.99 :( in Columbus region.

Roci R

March 26, 201409:04 pm

Kroger on Sunbury Rd. in Westerville has them for $1.99, but there aren't a lot left, so it may not be worth the drive.

Cathy J.

March 25, 201406:59 pm

Go to good ole Walmart and price match. Perhaps you'll get lucky and they'll have some if people haven't wiped them clean yet. Take a friend or the hubs to the store with you and use more coups.


March 25, 201406:23 pm

Are these sales at all krogers


March 25, 201406:17 pm

Are these sales at any kroger


March 25, 201406:06 pm

Unfortunately, I did not find any of these products. They have limited the # of coupons to only 1 coupon per transaction. You are not allowed to use 2 coupons even if it's on different products.


March 25, 201412:25 pm

Cathy - Katie is following the rules. She is just giving you a scenario of how much each item will cost if you purchase 5 Mega Event items. For example, I would buy 1 axe, 1 dove, 2 honey bunches of oats, and 1 cole's garlic bread. That will make 5 items and no rules are broken. You can mix and match Mega Event items. HTH!


March 25, 201411:47 am

They write the rainchecks so that you have to buy 5.


March 25, 201411:22 am

Brian, Yes it should be. :)


March 25, 201411:06 am

*be for


March 25, 201411:05 am

be for*


March 25, 201410:44 am

Does anyone have any idea on the pricing for the Axe stylers? I'm trying to decide if it's better to buy them at Kroger, or use my coupons on the hair deal at Target this week. Thanks!


March 25, 201409:45 am

Wanted to mention to please follow coupons rules stated on the coupon. Dove and Axe are limit 2 like coupons per transaction.


March 25, 201402:28 pm says "one shopping trip" and not "transaction". So, I wonder if that means going out to your car and coming back in for your next "trip". Or does it mean a different day? I think everyone knows how to read the coupons and follow the rules's just how the store and their checker interpret the rules. That is what matters most!


March 26, 201411:09 am

It really depends on your kroger, mine doesn't care if i do 10 transaction or all in one.

sarah harrison

March 25, 201412:08 pm

if we are to do only 2 coupons per transaction, how would anyone ever get the buy 5 deal using the coupons then?


March 25, 201404:07 pm

You can mix and match with any of the participating products. you dont have to get 5 of the exact same thing to save $5!!


March 25, 201409:09 am

What would make it even better would be if they actually had the product! I have been to three Krogers and NONE have any of the products!


March 25, 201410:05 am



March 25, 201411:05 am

Will the rain check before $2.49?


March 25, 201402:35 pm

Brian, My Kroger writes the rain checks for the mega sale price. I do not have to buy 5 items when I go in to use it. They adjust the price at the register. Often for a 2 week sale I will get the rain check the first week. Sometimes they have the items in stock the second week and I will not use my rain check and instead buy 5 items to get the mega price. I then save the rain check for when I get more coupons from family who live farther away.


March 25, 201411:06 am

*be for