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NEW Coca-Cola Coupon!

2014 11:12 am


Yay!  Here's a sweet and super rare Coca-Cola coupon we have available this morning.  These are on sale right now for Kroger so print these before you head there!  In order to get the price listed in the scenario you need to  buy 3 or more in the same transaction with card. Quantities less than 3 priced at $4.99 each.  Coupon is pre-clipped at 33952!!

Coke Coupon

  • Click THIS LINK
  • Change your zip to 33952 at the top and hit enter
  • Refresh the page or click THIS LINK again
  • Coupons will be at the top pre-clipped!

Thanks for the coupon tip, Stephanie!

**This coupon states “Redeemable at Publix”, but is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed anywhere regardless of the suggestion/advertising. Read more about store logos on coupons.

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  1. Had trouble using this at my store in lewis center due to the Publix wording. After arguing my case, the cashier pushed them through, but I really hate feeling like a criminal at the checkout! Oh well, I still won lol

  2. Does this work for Coke products like Dr. Pepper or just Coke? Has anyone tried it?

  3. Does this only work on coke, or all coke products?

  4. I printed it yesterday and used it at walmart, they had 12 packs on sale for $3 as well and it’s a bit closer to my house. It scanned perfectly fine

  5. Has anyone tested this at Kroger? Not sure about the wording.

    • It worked fine for me this am!

    • Tried to use at a Columbus, Ohio Kroger this morning and it beeped. Cashier asked Manager and she said they stopped taking any printed coupon with redeemable at Publix, Walmart or wherever. Same thing happened when I tried to use a Kraft cheese coupon since it stated redeemable at Walmart on it. She said they do not get reimbursed and were losing money.

  6. I can’t download it

  7. I get a 404 error when trying to go to the link

  8. Didn’t mean to post twice, sry.

  9. Lakeshia says:

    The coupon expires 4/11/14 not 4/1/14

  10. This coupon even says Publix in the fine print: “while supplies last at all Publix locations” so is it really ok to use other places?

  11. This coupon even says Publix in the fine print: “while supplies last at all Publix locations” so is it really ok for other places?

  12. The 8 pack is part of the mega sale…$1.99 each at my Kroger so $0.99 each after coupon!

    • Aprille you better double check your mega sale. This is what Katie has listed as part of the sale. Coca-Cola (6 pk, 16.9 oz bottles or 8 pk, 7.5 oz cans) – $1.99. The coupon is for8 pk 12 ounce bottles not 6pk 16.9 ounce bottles. I think that is why she didn’t include that in the post.

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