post pebbles catalina

Up NEXT! Here's a great Post Pebbles Catalina that started today at Kroger as well! These are also part of the Mega Event. Keep reading to find out how you can stockup on cereal like a BOSS!

post pebbles catalina

3/24 – 4/20 | Post Pebbles Cereals and Treats (6 oz+)
Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (5) = $4.00 OYNO

post pebbles catalina

We purchased 3 just to test the deal, but it looks like the better deal is to grab 4 boxes and use 2 coupons.  You'll score these for ONLY $0.63 a box!! STOCKUP PRICE!!

Deal Scenario:

Now remember in order to get the $1.88 price, you have to buy 5 participating mega sale items (mix and match), so grab one more thing. The Mega Event lasts for another whole week and runs with your sale cycle.

This Catalina is limit 1 per transaction, so if you want more you'll need to separate your transactions. YES, Kroger Catalinas roll, meaning you can use the EARNED reward to pay for your next order and it will print another one! Learn more about Catalinas HERE, including what to do if yours doesn't print.

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March 25, 201407:51 am

If I have two previous catalinas, can I use both of them on my next purchase together?


March 24, 201406:35 pm

Word hit the stree fast! My kroger was all out of fruity pebbles

Amber C.

March 24, 201404:39 pm

Does anyone know if this works with the Post Poppin Pebbles?

Amber C.

March 24, 201404:37 pm

Does this work with the Post Poppin Pebbles?


March 24, 201412:54 pm

Could you buy 5 and get back $4 ONYO??? It would be .68 cents each.

Julie W

March 24, 201412:59 pm

You would not get them at that price because the coupons are for buying quantities of 2, so you would have to pay full price for your 5th box. Your better off at sticking with 4 boxes. If you want more, you could use 2 more coupons in a separate transaction to get 4 additional boxes and earn an additional Catalina.


March 24, 201402:29 pm

your math is wrong Julie, Janell is right! you are better off buying 5 boxes (which makes each box $1.88 (not full price for the fifth!) use 2 coupons for 1/2 boxes (first time will be $7.40 oop) (get a $4 cat) then the second transaction buy 5 boxes, use (2) 1/2 boxes + the one $4 cat and your oop is $3.40, divide that by 5 (since you bought 5 boxes) and it comes out to $.68 a box! that is way better than buy a 5th item (other than the cereal) and paying full retail for that item just to make your cereal $.05 a box cheaper!

Tracie K

March 24, 201412:08 pm

Do ALL Catalinas at Kroger roll?:)

Marie Pitts

March 24, 201410:32 pm

Tracie, my store will not roll any. They say it is for your next trip, not your next order.


March 24, 201411:58 am

Do the catalinas go along with the sale schedule or should this be everywhere right now, even though my store is on the Wed.-Tues. sale schedule now? Thanks!

Julie W

March 24, 201412:54 pm

The Catalinas do not go along with sale cycle. They are for a certain time period that is the same for all of us. If it started for us today, it should have started for you today, as well. If it does not print, you can contact the Catalina company directly. Katie has that info in her "Kroger Catalina" tab, above.


March 24, 201411:16 am

Where do I get the coupon at for the cereal?

Julie W

March 24, 201412:51 pm

02/23 Smart Source Insert (expires 4/6)


March 24, 201411:10 am

Thanks that is good to know that they roll...I was not sure if they did and I had been saving some to use later....but since they roll I will start using them sooner... :) Thanks again for all the good deal tips... :)