Snip20131018_60Here are a few deals sent in this week that you might want to check out! Thanks to all you “Kroger Krazies” for keeping my inbox and Facebook pages filled up with great Kroger deals!! Keep ‘em coming! You guys are Kroger super stars!!

“I found a SO Delicious .65/1 tear off pad. It doubles to $1.30 and the yogurts are $1.29! I got 25 for free!”

Thanks Jaycie!

Reader Deals

“Had a Eureka moment at Kroger today! Hope you can see the pic. ..came out to 4.00 for the razor and cartridge with mega sale savings! !! Pretty excited about this one!

Thanks Becky!

Reader Deals
“Yikes, Kroger was on fire this week! And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more fabulous…

We found this: Kroger 2 pack Chicken & Biscuit on close out for 1.24…and tracking on sale! Got them for 24 cents each!! Cleared out about 20”

Thanks LE!

“Great Deal I didn’t see it listed… Laura’s Lean Beef. Like to buy this because no hormones, grass fed etc… Ground Round regularly $7.99 a pound. On sale for $5.99. If you sign up for her emails there’s also a $1.00 coupon to print! 🙂 $4.99 a pound for that meat is definitely a stock up price! :)”

Thanks Cheryl!

Reader Deals
We received a great new coupon from Smart Source for Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese to go along with this great sale at Kroger. After the sales price and the coupon, you’ll pay just $1.50 for one box. This macaroni and cheese usually retails for around $3.19 individually.

Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese (14 oz) – $2.50 (thru 3/30)
Use 2 – $1/1 Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese (SS 3/23)
Final cost is $1.50 each when you buy 2!

Thanks Loring!

“I got a SS coupon in the mail yesterday (the side of the insert says 3/30, so maybe not everyone has this insert yet) for $1/2 Brownberry Sliced Bread or Sandwich Thins rolls. Pair that with the Mega Sale and get Brownberry Bread for $1.49 each!”

Thanks LP!

“Banquet family meals lasagna mark down from 3.79 to 1.07. About half had peelies with $1/2 so .57 each.

Krusteaz peach cobbler mark down from 3.89 to 1.25. No coupons

Krusteaz berry cobbler mark down from 3.89 to 2.00. No coupons

Velveeta cheese squeezable packets 3 ct per box marked down to .50 from 3.69 a box.

Lea & Perrins Marinade in the bag MEGA ITEM for 2.99- 1.00mega- 1.00 peelies.”

Thanks Julie!

Reader Deals

“I found these awesome Lysol coupons today at Kroger. They are valid on just one Lysol multi purpose product so you can get all of these for just $0.99.”

Thanks Denise!

Reader Deals

Danielle found a couple of Nerf closeouts at her store. I realize these darts won’t work on the toy buy who doesn’t have tons of these at home?

Thanks Danielle!

“I went to Columbus, Ohio Speedway and they had peelie on there 24 pack of Pepsi. Next week at my Kroger 24 pack are going on sale for $5.99 and it part of there 5 for $5 deal so I can pick them up of $4.99 a case.”

Thanks Bridget!

Reader Deals

“Found this book of coupons at the Kroger pharmacy, didn’t know if you has seen them yet. The coupons are mostly for vitamins, over the counter meds, & first aid type things. I can send you a list of all included if you want. They are all coupons that are DND, they are manufacturers coupon. Only ones that are exclusive to Kroger are ones for Kroger brand products.”

Thanks Melissa!

Reader Deals

Michelle was lucky enough to find Del Monte bananas at her store. Be on the lookout in your store but be sure to print the coupon first. Find the Del Monte coupon here.

“Mega Event – Special K Snack Bars = $1.29 or .59c if coupon doubles with .70c off Special K Snack Bars coupon from Kroger Family Rewards Site.” Not all stores may carry this deal but it might be worth a shot just to check. You know you’re going anyways.

Thanks Summer!

Watch those Kroger Home Mailers. Cindy found a coupon for $1.50/2 Bailey’s Coffee Creamer that is currently $0.99 as part of the Kroger Mega Event. If you got that coupon too (consider yourself lucky) and then grab 2 bottles for only $0.24 each!!

Thanks Cindy!

Melissa found a Pom Wonderful Juice coupon in her 3/23 SS as well as a $0.50 Ibotta rebate. Right now these are currently $1.99 at my Kroger but will update you if and when they go on sale for $1.00.

Thanks Melissa!

Have a Kroger deal you’d like to share? Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and fill out the “Submit a deal” form. I LOVE pictures, so if you have a picture to go along with your deal, just upload it with the form or you can email me at Thanks everyone!

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.
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March 29, 201406:45 pm

I'm a little confused on the Schick razor deal. Isn't the $10 off coupon for the Razor AND the Cartridge refill??


March 29, 201410:13 pm

You are correct- you must buy both. However, there is a $6 coupon for the cartridges and you can use both, making each product $1.99 with the mega sale, for a total of $3.98. Hope this helps!!


March 29, 201406:44 pm

How many different flavors are there? 5 each out of 5 or more flavors is not shelf clearing & there is pleanty left on the tear pad for others. You don't know if it was done all at once or at a different stores. So quick to judge.

Julie W

March 29, 201403:04 pm

The deal posted above for the Kraft Deluxe that is currently 2/$5 will be 2/$4 starting Wednesday, even better deal! :-)


March 29, 201401:03 pm

Just a heads up. .. my kroger has the kraft recipe makers on closeout and are part of the mega sale... (unmarked) scored some for .05 a piece:)


March 29, 201409:16 am

It's not so much clearing the shelves as it is taking so many coupons. To me, a tear pad coupon says "here, I want you to buy/try this product in hopes you will buy it again so I am providing this coupon as an incentive. Take 1 or 2, maybe 3." The shelves will be restocked but I doubt they will put more coupons out. Thats all.


March 29, 201408:35 am

All krogers have different coupon policies. I have 2 within less than 15 miles from each other. One store is very strict on coupons while the oner store is more lenient. I understand that shelf clearing is wrong but if you read the readers deals I highly doubt she cleared a shelf. I know 25 yogurts in my house wouldn't last a week between 3 kids and my husband.


March 29, 201403:35 am

@shad So many times, the deals I find are gone because of shelf clearers. It happens all the time. One person buys everything.


March 29, 201403:32 am

Not trying to be rude. Just think taking 25 coupons is wrong. It leaves none for anyone else.

shad bailey

March 29, 201403:31 am

Who cares how many yougarts someone else bought. Spend that time looking for more coupons and deals for yourself and stop being the coupon police and you will be happier.Stores get paid back for coupons so the more they sell, the better.


March 29, 201403:20 am

These whole "I got 25 (or insert any crazy number you want here) FOR FREE" comments are probably why stores are becoming unfriendly to coupons. And isn't there a 5 like coupon policy? How why are people clearing shelves and stealing entire packs and peelies of coupons? It isn't something to brag about.


March 29, 201405:02 am

My Kroger has limited "like" coupons to 4 per person per day. Don't know how someone is using that many at once.


March 29, 201401:50 am

I don't think anyone else has the right to judge on how other people shop. 25 yogurts wouldn't last my household a week. We eat a LOT of yogurt, and that's just how it is. When cashiers roll their eyes and stamp their feet at you using coupons and you get annoyed, this is no different. you all saying that stuff about that person up there is just as hurtful and rude.


March 29, 201401:28 am

Can someone tell me which insert the razor coupons were in? Pretty please :)

Julie W

March 29, 201412:15 pm

SS 3/23 has Schick coupons in it. If you click on "Coupon Database" above and put "Razor" in the search link, it will tell you all the inserts that have the kind of razor that you and AND if there are any printable. :-)


March 29, 201410:17 pm

Does anyone know where the $6 off the Schick refills is at, like the photo above?


March 31, 201412:39 pm

It was in one of the 2/23 inserts. I have already used mine so I can't check to see which one.


March 29, 201401:12 am

Huggies diapers 8.99 each part of the $5/5 deal making them 7.99 each. I had 2 $3/1 coupon making them 4.99 each


March 29, 201412:56 am

Oh and my pomergrante juice is 10for 10 so if you live in the tennessee area you can get them free right noe


March 29, 201412:55 am

I never get that much at one time, i knoe how it feels to go to the shelf and there be nothing of something i need and this is also probably why most krogers are not doubling anymore. Mine still is for now bit im sure its just a matter of time


March 28, 201408:10 pm

WOW! People are really obsess with getting great deals. Usually they don't think about nobody else but themselves. Why not leave some for the others?


March 28, 201406:51 pm

See, taking 25 tearpad coupons to me is excessive. Leave some for others, why don't you. Even if you can use 25 free yogurts why deprive others the chance to get a couple free themselves.


March 28, 201407:53 pm

that is EXACTLY what I thought when I read that!! I would feel guilty as all get-out if I took that many. I take the Golden Rule seriously- I don't want other people doing it to me, so I don't do it to them!


March 28, 201403:43 pm

the kraft coupon i have is for 60c/1 not $1/1 :(