Snickers Bites Singles Kroger

I'm sure I won't go on about candy all day but for now I will. 🙂  We had this Mars Bites coupon appear yesterday so I wanted to update you on a sale price at Kroger.

Snickers Bites Singles coupon

**This coupon states “Redeemable at Walmart”, but is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed anywhere regardless of the suggestion/advertising. Read more about store logos on coupons.

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March 11, 201409:48 am

I also go to both Fremont Krogers, and I think it depends on the cashier. I use them all the time with no problem.

Jessica Nicole

March 10, 201403:35 pm

The Kroger in Chillicothe, Ohio said the same thing last week... But the week before I used them and no problem...


March 10, 201402:11 pm

Last week at Kroger the checkout guy said they don't accept coupons that say "Redeemable at Walmart" Maybe it's just my store in Fremont, Ohio?