Vanity Fair Napkins coupon

I told you about this Vanity Fair coupon the other day but I just needed to give you an update because these are most likely my favorite napkins.  These are on sale at Kroger right now so with the new coupon you can grab a pack for only $1.44 or $0.89 if your store still doubles.

Vanity Fair Napkins coupon

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March 13, 201402:54 pm

Vanity Fair coupons are normally coded not to double so be sure to watch at the register if your store still doubles.


March 13, 201412:55 am

I've had mine print without the bottom barcode and they scan mine. Also, you might check amazon for your ink. I do swagbucks and use my free gift cards to replace my ink and it is much cheaper on amazon.


March 12, 201404:03 pm

Hello all, My printer is running low on ink and therefore not all of the 3 barcodes are printing correctly, only the one in the upper right hand corner seems to be printing out clearly. I was just wondering if anyone knows which barcode kroger needs to be able to scan? I just don't have an extra $50 to spend on printer ink right now and want to use the coupons im printing if I can. Thanks!