It’s another installment of My Week in Pictures! Are you guys still interested in seeing these? Sometimes my life is so stinkin’ boring I feel like – um. Nobody wants to see these Katie!! But I was scrolling through my phone pics tonight and found a few goodies that I thought I would share this week.

Orchid update!!! It’s ALIVE!!! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who gave me orchid advice. I was sure I killed it, but it’s in full bloom again and as gorgeous as ever.


I totally got sick of my boring brown and decided to go blonde this week. It was very strange looking in the mirror for the first few days, but I have since embraced it and am READY for summer! Or at least Spring. I will settle for Spring at this point.


I am a complete beauty junky and LOVE trying new products. Since I think my new blonde hair looks better curly, I remembered that Ouidad totally ROCKS the curls and picked up some product. This volumizing foam is the bomb diggety and I love what it does to my curls!


My 10 years younger (and WAY cooler) sister and I went shopping and as we were passing The Buckle, I said something like – “oh, my friend Kendra tells me that I need a pair of Buckle jeans.” And she stops DEAD in her tracks and is like “You’ve never owned a pair of Buckle jeans? They will change your life!!”. So of course we bee-lined into the store and let the sales clerks know I was a Buckle jeans virgin and they hooked me up with this super cute pair of jeans. Who knew jeans could be life changing? (I’m aware that this whole story is ridiculous and shallow, but I like to have fun with things, ok?) 😀


You know when your child gets really quiet and you have no idea what they’re up to, and then later you find pictures like these on your phone and you STILL have no clue? Yep. No words.


Yes, I blog from my car sometimes. I’m sorry, but Lay’s coupons will wait for NOBODY! Thank you McDonald’s parking lot wifi.


And I need this shirt. But first I need an agent. But before that I need to do some more stomach crunches.


So THERE’S $70 I did NOT want to spend. :/ I also do not like to get electrocuted, soooo…..


This morning I hit the creamer jackpot when I found this little guy in my freezer. And here we thought eggnog season was long over. NOPERS! I will be enjoying this for a few days. 🙂


And I will leave you with a little gem from 1992. This song is SO MUCH FUN!! You should have seen me squealing when it came on in my car the other day. Good times. Hope no one was looking. Yes, I still know every word.

Well, those were this week’s tidbits!! How was your week? Let us know in the comments below.

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March 11, 201410:33 pm

Katie you are too funny. I cracked up at the photos you found in your phone!


March 10, 201402:30 pm

Katie-You can freeze creamer? Do you have an ongoing list of items you can freeze? I would totally love this!

Melinda P.

March 10, 201402:02 pm

Buckle BKE "wendy" jeans for me. I am hard to fit with big hips and small waist. My friend told me that Buckle could find me a pair that would fit right. Now that is all I wear.


March 10, 201411:51 am

Silver Jeans are the only brand I buy now, the "Suki" style are my fav because they sit just a little higher on my stomach:)


March 10, 201409:30 am

Welcome to the Silver Jean's Club!! The only downfall is that once you put them on, you will not want to go back. You will have to buy a couple more pair of them soon because you will want to wear them everyday. Oh, and don't forget the capris, for spring and summer (if they ever get here!) :-)

Jennifer P

March 9, 201410:13 pm

I need to hear more about the Quidad :) where is the best price? Thx


March 9, 201410:03 pm

Buckle Jeans are AMAZING! But remember to always buy them as tight as you can stand them - they stretch out & you don't want them to be to big in a week :)

Courtney B.

March 9, 201409:56 pm

I bought my boyfriend a pair of Buckle jeans last year and said THE SAME THING to him that your sister said to you!! Funny. And yes, these jeans are life-changing. Totally recommend them to anyone who doesn't have a pair.


March 9, 201409:55 pm

I love reading all about your week and seeing pictures....thanks for sharing with us:) have a great week!!!