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Ok, so I talk about “print and saves” a lot, but here's an upcoming INSERT coupon that I want to give you heads up on because it will score you a SMOKIN' deal on paper towels. And everyone loves a good paper towel deal. They're ALMOST as good as a good toilet paper deal. Almost. 😉

So (get to the point Katie), Brawny Paper Towels have been on sale for just $1 for a couple weeks now. This weekend's Redplum insert will have a $0.55/1 coupon inside. So, make sure you pick up extra copies or place your orders with a coupon clippng service NOW so you'll be ready! If you have a favorite clipping service, share it with us in the comments because I know that question is coming next. 🙂

brawny coupon

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April 5, 201408:44 pm

I just placed my order from - they have the $2/2 brawny and they are in Fort Worth, TX so I usually get them pretty quick

another newbie

April 4, 201411:57 am

A newbie that needs help. Where do I order whole coupon inserts? Do I just check redplum and smartsource? is it worth it to buy a whole insert? Thanks ladies

Jessica C

April 3, 201406:47 pm

My mom and I always order our coupons from They're in Ohio, all their coupons are 8 cents and they don't even charge for shipping. Very reliable and fast.


April 3, 201403:53 pm

I got my Red Plum earlier this week and used the $2/2 on 2 of the $1 Brawny's. No problems, and no beeps.


April 3, 201402:26 pm

i have used several times. They are good.


April 3, 201401:59 pm

Jessica...keep trying Klip2save. I ordered some on Tuesday but I had to keep checking the website until they were back in stock. I think they were restocked at 6pm so just keep checking :-)


April 3, 201412:41 pm

Thank you, Karen. I asked the lady who had the coupons(over 100) she just laughed and said that she bought them from a lady.


April 3, 201412:28 pm

Does anyone know how to get the tide coupons, bounty, etc..? I've recently seen ladies in krogers with the coupons that are 12.99 off on that item.


April 3, 201412:31 pm

They are sent out from the company directly. It could be from a praise letter or a complaint. That is the only high value coupons I am aware of


April 3, 201412:24 pm

I received the 2/$2. Last time, they did accept this coupon so I'm sure It will not be a problem this time. FREE paper towels....YAY!


April 3, 201410:54 am

Is it maybe because this coupon comes out in Sundays paper??? Doesn't it say 4/6?? Just asking.


April 3, 201411:53 am

Most people who purchase inserts, already have received the RP for 4/06. Mine came in yesterday. It is just a hot coupon. If you have access to Facebook, there are some traders there with coupons.


April 4, 201401:26 am

where can you purchase the full inserts? instead of just the specific coupons. thanks!!


April 3, 201410:04 am

I did a Google search and searched the handful of clipping sites I've heard of and came up empty. Anyone out there have any luck?


April 3, 201409:45 am

I went to Klip2save. They are sold out of the Brawny coupon. Do you have another suggestion for coupon clipper services?


April 3, 201409:15 am

vanessa...which region are you in?


April 3, 201409:14 am

I would love to order from Klip2save but every coupon I click on says not available check back at a later stage....why?


April 3, 201405:14 pm

I order from


April 3, 201409:09 am

I would love to order from klip2save but every coupon i clip on it says not available check back at a later stage. Why is it like this?


April 3, 201409:08 am

My fave is I like also. If you are in Texas and need them quick try Some websites have a minimum to order.


April 3, 201409:07 am

Our redplum will have $2/2 ! :)


April 3, 201412:20 pm

can you share her page name?


April 3, 201410:06 am

I just ordered some $2/2. Praying they work!


April 3, 201410:39 am

Where did you order the $2/2 from??


April 3, 201411:40 am

A lady on Facebook from Houston TX. She is a good seller.


April 3, 201405:16 pm

can you give the web address of the person you got the $2/2


April 3, 201412:16 pm

Name of lady on face book ~ please and thanks


April 3, 201408:59 am

I Like Klip2save. They Are Fast And If You Order By 2Pm, They Get Your Envelope Out That Day