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Whoa! Check out this AMAZING price we can score on Cat's Pride Cat Litter with the Kroger Mega Event! After sale and coupon, you'll pay ONLY $2.99 – WAY down from $9.49!! That. Is. Awesome.

The Mega Event runs for 2 weeks WITH your sale cycle. If your sale cycle starts on Wednesday, do NOT run out today to get these. Wait until then and you will find all the mega deals.

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April 25, 201408:39 pm

Thank you, Mr. Kroger, for mailing me a -$3 coupon for this stuff. And thank you, Katie, for telling me it was finally time to use it. (4.99 mega sale price with 3 other eligible items, minus $3 Q = 1.99. Purrrr.)


April 25, 201405:12 am

Edit: I recommend ordering coupons for this deal. Try


April 25, 201405:09 am

Jessica, No. One coupon per item, being that kroger's store coupons are for their store brand items that don't generally have coupons.


April 23, 201402:40 am

Hubby will only use clumping cat litter-no fragrance. Vet says can cause lung -allergy,i.e. asthma type symptoms. Also, can be irritating to their paws for sensitive cats. But, I'm willing to try it, at least while we have it 4 cat home. Tip: Take a huge Rubbermaid storage container, cut door sized hole on the end. Put the cat litter box inside filled. Then, put the container lid on. Scoop daily, comes out easy and stays fresh. Can add baking soda.

Trudy B.

April 23, 201412:42 am

For those who have used this, does this brand seem to take the Odor away and work well?

Mary G

April 22, 201402:08 pm

The $2 coupon came months ago. Been hoarding them waiting for this deal =)


April 22, 201412:08 pm

Can you use the two $1.00 off printable coupons at the same time for one thing of litter? Because wouldn't the price be 3.99 and not 2.99? I don't seem to get the good insert coupons.

Amy S.

April 22, 201412:05 pm

:( Yet another coupon we didn't get around here. :( I buy sooo much cat litter for these 3 cats. They're incredibly picky and want it clean ALL of the time. Otherwise, they won't go in it.