Classico Pasta Sauce kroger

This was an advertised item this week, but I wanted to point out this fabulous deal on Classico Pasta Sauce with the Kroger Mega Event, in case you missed it in the list.

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Ken B

April 26, 201404:42 pm

I just had a disappointing experience at my local Kroger. (Bloomington, IN... southside). The manufacturer's $1.50/4 coupon that came from that I presented at checkout was declined. The store manager has instructed his cashiers that his store will not accept coupons that contain a QR code on them. I spoke with the manager. He indicated that they have had hundreds of dollars worth of coupons declined for reimbursement - and every one of those coupons included a QR code. He decided that /his/ store would no longer honor QR-containing coupons, regardless of where they came from. So... I will be using this coupon at a different store locally. Just wanted to share this with you and your followers to pre-warn them in case this also happens to you/them.


April 24, 201412:55 pm

Does the pre-megasale price or the post-megasale price count towards the Savingstar offer?


May 2, 201404:48 pm

I just received an email from SavingStar showing my total so far for the Heinz offer. Apparently, the Classico was calculated at $1.99. I bought 8 of them, then on another trip, I bought 2 Heinz ketchups at $1.99; however, instead of a total of $19.90, they are showing a total of $19.42. Looking at the picture of what's included, I can't find anything else I've bought that would have counted toward my total. At any rate, I bought one more ketchup today, so that should do it! Is anybody else showing odd totals?


April 28, 201401:40 pm

I have the exact same question. I do NOT know the answer. But, my guess would be the pre-mega sale price because they ring up at $1.99 and then the $1.00 is taken off at the end of the receipt. However, I don't know. Katie..... Please help us answer this.


April 25, 201401:08 am

I have the same question. And does Savingstar let you know how much you have accumulated for this type offer as they are notified of your purchases?