Capri Sun PicsYou know how sometimes the 2nd week has different prices than the 1st week?  This one looks to be in our favor because it appears the Capri Sun drinks will be a little cheaper in my region next week.  And on top of this we received a $1/2 Capri Sun coupon that can be used on Roarin' Waters that is included in the Kroger Mega Sale.  I have been seeing many different prices for these boxes and some as low as $0.98 so I wanted to give you some warning in case you needed to order any coupons and stock up at this great price.

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April 28, 201411:09 pm

Yeah I heard about the Horizon so I just tried it and it didn't come up as buy 4 save $4. I've heard that they are working in Michigan but they're not here in West Virginia. I really wanted to try those too.

Amber Nash

April 28, 201410:46 pm

I found a peelie for $2.00 off capri sun wyb kraft mac n cheese 5 count. I'm somewhat new to couponing, so would I have a $0.71 overage to go toward the mac n cheese?


April 29, 201403:33 pm

I saw the peelie too. I'm going to use it next week and it should be: $3.99 for Kraft mac & cheese (sale price) - $2 Two Capri Sun Roarin' Waters - $1/2 = $2.95 for all!


April 28, 201407:41 pm

Does anyone know what region has them for .98 after the mega deduction??


April 28, 201404:40 pm

The Classico pasta sauce also went UP at my store to $1.49. I'm on the Monday-Sunday cycle.


April 29, 201401:55 pm

They went up at my Kroger too...GRRR! With the $1.50/4 Classico coupon they were going to be .63/ea but now they will be like $1.11. They love me at my Kroger though, so I'm going to take my ad to the manager and see if he will give me the advertised price.


April 28, 201403:01 pm

I was told that there are a few products that are 10 for $10 that are part of the buy 4 save $4 which makes them free without coupons. I guess they are unadvertised. Has anyone came across this? I wasn't able to get the specific products that were included but was told that there's a few different ones there.


April 28, 201408:11 pm

I came across the individual horizon milks and simple truth greek yogurt that was marked as part of the sale, however it did not scan correctly. They changed the price for me but then removed the signs.

jodi anderson

April 28, 201403:08 pm

the casa fiesta refried beans and enchilada sauce r part of it.


April 28, 201402:31 pm

I was going to run out and get some today when I go, but I think I'll just sit on them instead, see what happens. Ty for the head's up!

Laura Alberts

April 28, 201402:14 pm

I think you need to change the title on this one to "Capri Sun" instead of Crystal Lite.