Downy unstopables

If you haven't tried Downy Unstopables then this may be your time to try with this Unstopables coupon and the Kroger Mega Sale.  I absolutely love the smell of these in my laundry, so much that I still have 10 (has gone down too much) in my stock and will be getting more.  If you have tried them, are you a fan?

unstopables coupon

Gain Fireworks

Gain Fireworks is also part of the Kroger Mega Sale.

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April 24, 201403:47 pm

I like the Downy Unstopables as well as the Gain Fireworks. They make your clothes smell so good. Yea I have a stock pile and will go get these as I have some coupons for them.


April 24, 201410:09 am

I have the same question as Amber? Is it a softer?

Kayla Starrett

April 24, 201411:58 am

No, these are not a fabric softener. They are just a scent booster to your laundry :) I love them! I highly recommend them.


April 24, 201409:34 am

Question about those: they are not fabric softener, just added scent boosters, right?


April 24, 201410:27 am

Yes, you are correct, and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them. It adds weeks of freshness. :)

Kayla Starrett

April 24, 201409:19 am

I absolutely love Downy Unstoppables. I have about 15 in my stockpile and picked up 4 more last night. This is definitely my stock up price. And I agree - if you have not tried these yet, I would highly recommend them! :)


April 24, 201403:49 pm

I like them The Downy Unstopables as well as the Gain Fireworks. I have a stockpile. Will get more as I have coupons for both of them. Yea