FREE Almay kroger

Did you receive the $4/1 Almay coupon in your 4/13 SS? If you did you have a freebie on your hands. These colors are awesome as well so make sure to clip this coupon and head to Kroger before the coupon expires.

You know how I love my makeup. 🙂

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April 23, 201402:42 am

Got it here in Colorado! Very atypical, as I usually don't get any of the really good ones Katie gets!


April 19, 201412:18 am

Just like a lot of you, I cannot find this coupon in my paper. I have tried ordering weekly bulk inserts, but they always seem to be missing the 4 or 5 really good coupons that I was planning on using. I know coupons are regional, but WHICH region actually gets ALL the coupons that are listed as being in that Sunday's paper? THAT is the paper I want! Seriously, does Texas usually get most of them; or Columbus; or who??? I live in downstate Illinois, and it definately isn't me! Maybe if everyone posting on here added their newspaper source and whether or not they had that particular coupon and the amount of the coupon, I would think it would be really helpful. Am I just dreaming?


April 18, 201403:22 pm

Kroger also has Almay deodorant for around $2.79 so $1.21 overage. According to the FDA deodorant is considered a cosmetic item. I bought a couple and got the overage with no issues.


April 18, 201408:55 am

They tried to tell me I could not use this coupon because it exceeds the price of the product but then when I asked her if they could just adjust it down she put it through. Yay!

Ashley Waterer

April 17, 201405:49 pm

Columbus, OH I didn't get it :(


April 17, 201411:00 am

got this one as well free stuff make me feel like a kid at Christmas


April 17, 201410:20 am

I had to get these at cvs since they have the B1G1 50% off.


April 17, 201409:08 am

im so sad, this was not in any of mine, I get the Columbus Ohio Papers. This is the 3rd item this week that was not mine, :( the other one was the Potatoes for Simply Sweet or something like that lol. The other item I can't remember what that one was. Its ok


April 17, 201407:34 am

Love free stuff


April 16, 201410:22 pm

It was in the Columbus Dispatch


April 16, 201410:01 pm

finally lexington ky got a good coupon. we got it here, but our stores dont carry the eye shadows. got some good makeup removers and eye depuffers and wipes for less than .50 cents!


April 16, 201403:17 pm

I went to a Kroger here in Houston Clearlake area and I was not able to get them. The lady said that the coupon is for a higher value then the sale price. :( Just learning how to do this and this happens... :(


April 17, 201403:15 pm

You should have been able to use the coupon.

Joshua Mitchem

April 16, 201401:15 pm

This coupon must have been a regional one because I know it did not come in my Springfield newspaper which would be the Cincinnati region for Krogers. Very disappointed in not getting this one its always nice to find free stuff!


April 16, 201412:08 pm

Sarah, same city here, and I did not get the coupon either. I looked atleast 3 times.


April 16, 201412:05 pm

I can't find this one either. Hopefully it will be in my bulk inserts along with the Simply Potatoes cpn I'm missing! :( (Dayton, OH here)


April 16, 201411:56 am

I can't find this makeup in my store.


April 16, 201411:35 am

I'm from Columbus, and I can't find this Almay coupon ANYWHERE in the SS from this past weeks paper! Am I losing it?? lol