Herbal Essences

YAY!  I am so happy about this deal.  Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner is part of the Kroger Mega Event and a few insert coupons you'll be able to grab a bottle as low as $0.49!

(Thanks Stephanie!)

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April 29, 201410:05 am

I hate that the store stopped doubling coupons. My family relied on the savings I could get with the coupons since our food budget is SO small. I was not an extreme couponer by any means, but saving 50 cents here and 75 cents there really adds up after a while.


April 22, 201412:42 am

I still have 11 of the $2/1 that I got a few months back at the Walmart photo center. YAY FREE Shampoo again!!!! Thanks for posting.


April 21, 201409:45 pm

Thank You Thank You Thank You for this post! I had already gone out this morning and got some Hormel Compleats and Nutri-grain bars...then saw this and grabbed my coupons and ran out the door again! I missed that coupon when I went thru my ads before!! I am stocked up good now!! :)


April 21, 201407:51 pm

The sale starts on Wednesday for most of us now that Kroger has switched their ads around. Also the coupon that makes the shampoo .49 cents came out a while back on 3/9/14. The coupon is for $3 off when you buy 2. So you buy 4 for 1.99 each which equals 7.96 MINUS 2x $3/2 coupons making the pretax total 1.96.


April 21, 201410:23 pm

And that's exactly what the post says? Don't know why you felt you had to reiterate.


April 21, 201407:17 pm

Im not understandong how it will be .49. I have the p&g 1$ off 1. So wouldnt that make them .99? Im just learing so im just confused. :)


April 21, 201408:26 pm

You use the $3/2 coupon so it's $1.50 off each bottle. $1.99 - $1.50 = $0.49 cents each (when you buy 4 participating items) :)


April 21, 201405:47 pm

I don't think this sale is at my Kroger in mt Juliet yet... I think we are a week behind.


April 21, 201405:23 pm

Anyone know if the body wash is also included? Seems strange they'd have a sale on shampoo and conditioner but not wash.


April 21, 201409:43 pm

Yes, the body wash is on sale too, but it is $1 more than the shampoo & conditioner :(


April 21, 201403:05 pm

E coupons are ONE time only- unless it is a mega event coupon which usually can be used up to 4 times in one single transaction. The e coupon will be flagged as "mega event" and say so. Usually, it is only once though.


April 21, 201402:53 pm

Is there a limit on how many times you can use the kroger digital coupon? It doesn't say it on the coupon, but I'm still learning!! Thank you so much