Simple Truth Greek Yogurt


I have a superstar helper that drove to the Cincy Region to get these deals early for you so you can start planning your trips but she is two for two for finding a HOT DEAL (remember the Izze deal?)!

Ok, this is just CRAZY!  So, Simple Truth Greek Yogurt is on sale for $1 at Kroger right now. AND on top of that these are also part of the new Kroger Mega Event. That means if your Mega Sale started today you better run out your door or take a break from work and go grab some FREE yogurt.

We tested this deal this morning and it is NOT a mistake in tagging. They were totally FREE!! But just like last time, this deal may not last long so no thinking too long if you should get going! 🙂


Final cost is FREE!

The Mega Event runs for 2 weeks WITH your sale cycle. If your sale cycle starts on Wednesday, do NOT run out today to get these. Wait until then and you will find all the mega deals.

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April 24, 201405:13 pm

My store had all 4 silk tagged with the 10/$10 and the mega $4/4 and had like 5 tags the same way on the yougurt and the store would not honor it this was as of this am. And another store had the tag on just the silk chocolate and still wouldn't honor that. I have pictures of all items and an actual tag and will be esclating this, I realize they are free but however I did not tag them like that.

April l

April 24, 201412:32 pm

We eat so much yogurt so I was able to get 20 of them. They rang up as a dollar but I took a pics that the sign said they are included in the $4 off 4 item sale so we got them all for free last night. They had already pulled the horizon milk tags though.


April 23, 201408:34 pm

Cut the tags off at my store too. Managed to get 8 free this morning before they noticed the issue.


April 23, 201406:10 pm

Thank you so much! i was able to get these and the silk milks for FREE! My store did pull the milk tags immediately after I purchased, but at least I was able to get a few!! Thank you!!


April 23, 201406:01 pm

I purchased four they rung up $1 each I went to customer service they gave me my $4 back the white tag said 1.39 there was a yellow tag saying 10 for 10 then under that one was the buy 4 save 4.

Holly miller

April 23, 201403:03 pm

Hey there!! I just went to my Cookeville, TN Kroger and I did get the deal and was super excited!!! You can only get 4 for free though, if you get any more they will ring up for $1.00!!!


April 23, 201411:42 am

I just bought 8 of these and only one of them qualified for the mega event...


April 23, 201411:08 am

My store has this marked so they will be free but they ring up line normal


April 24, 201403:29 pm

i have to take my reciept in and show them i didnt have time to do it when i was in there was running late back to work but my tag is still up


April 22, 201402:49 pm

My kroger will pull the stock from the shelves if it a super good deal they always say the warehouse is out of stock "right"


April 22, 201409:35 am

How do you know what the "participating items" are? I've never seen a list anywhere.

Julie W

April 22, 201405:34 pm


April 21, 201411:38 pm

I went to get these and was disappointed.

Nicole p

April 21, 201406:28 pm

Didn't ring up for me. But went to cs they verified the signing anxvrefunded the $$ back to me.


April 21, 201405:15 pm

Yeah, the store called security on me cuz of this deal. It was completely ridiculous & the employee was super rude for no reason. Not like she's losing money. I hate this one particular Kroger near me. They are all rotten people that work there.


April 23, 201408:35 pm

we have a coupon witch too at our store....grrrrr


April 22, 201405:34 pm

That sucks. You should definitely complain to corporate.


April 22, 201404:58 pm

you need to write corporate & report this store as with the new "friendly" policy they are supposed to be your best friend!


April 21, 201403:21 pm

I am guessing they add these $1 items as "filler" items in case someone need one more item to make the buy 4, save 4. I don't think they ever considered or anticipated people buying 4 and paying $0. Not sure why they have not figured this out yet when the same thing happened with the Izze Soda last time around.

Katie Nelson

April 21, 201401:19 pm

My store had them marked on sale with the buy 4save $4 sticker, but it didn't ring up as that. So I went to the customer service desk and they refunded me the money.


April 21, 201412:36 pm

My dad just tried it and it is a dead deal at his store.


April 21, 201412:06 pm

Yep, definitely dead by the time I got to my kroger at 11am they had already cut the bottom part of the sale tag off that indicated as participating item. Interesting though the silk and horizon individual milks were marked as included even though it would of made them free. But when I went to self check out they did not ring up as included. Just have to wonder how they made this same mistake again since the list said the 12 pack of individual milks were included, not the $1 singles.


April 21, 201412:04 pm

This is a confimed dead deal.


April 21, 201411:30 am

Is this deal dead already? Is there a chance it could gomlive again on wensday when the new cycle starts elsewhere ?

Angela G.

April 21, 201411:21 am

My Kroger said any items that are 10 for $10 will not qualify on the mega sales like this and our registers don't take the $1 off on them.

Ashley Thomson

April 21, 201411:06 am

This is Awesome! And now we can stock up bc my kids are yogurt nuts! :) My husband isnt going to like me this week.. lol


April 21, 201411:02 am

My store has em for a buck but does mega sale start 2 morrow


April 21, 201410:58 am

Thanks so much.Went to get diapers and didn't know what to get to have 4 items. These worked perfectly. My store had 3 flavors gone, but had strawberry and peach left.


April 21, 201410:29 am

This is the only time I wish we were on the early cycle! They usually have it fixed by Wed. Happy free organic yogurt to you!


April 21, 201410:30 am

Thank you "superstar helper"!


April 21, 201410:12 am

No need for a coupon


April 21, 201409:27 am

My Kroger isn't stocking these :(


April 21, 201410:16 am

Check in the organic section of the store. I didn't think my store had silk or fage and then I looked one day in the organic section and it was there.