how does SavingStar work?If you are new to SavingStar or haven’t had the chance to fully understand what this program offers then you’re in luck.  Following the steps below will help to make the process easier.

  • Sign up for SavingStar – You can either join with Facebook or sign up using an existing email address.
  • Next you will need to insert your zip code.  The stores that offer deals will then show up. Choose Kroger (as well as any other stores you shop).

how does SavingStar work?

  • You will then need to enter your Kroger Plus loyalty Card Number that is located on the back of your card.

Savingstar Kroger Login

  • You are now able to shop and activate items that you intend on purchasing while you’re at Kroger or other stores listed on your card.
  • CURRENTLY, two days a week SavingStar offers unique offers you may activiate to your Kroger Card.  SavingStar offers a healthy offer on Tuesday and a freebie on Friday. Stay tuned to Kroger Krazy because I will make sure you know when the offer goes live.  Pay attention to expiration dates because some offers expire sooner than others.
  • Free OffersWith SavingStar, the money goes directly into your account. Once your savings reach $5, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to American Forests.

how does SavingStar work?

Your total does not change at checkout. Your grocery savings are added to your SavingStar account within 2-22 days.

According to the Saving Star FAQ’s, eCoupons are NOT intended to be used along with paper manufacturer coupons:

Do SavingStar eCoupons stack with in-store discounts or manufacturer’s coupons?

SavingStar eCoupons will work whether or not you combine them with other services’ coupons, but they are not intended to be used this way. Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer’s coupon for the same purchase. Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem.

In the future, we may implement mechanisms to limit the combination of SavingStar eCoupons with other manufacturer coupons.


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May 7, 201511:41 am

Do the money you accumulate in savingstar ever expire? Thank you.


October 1, 201412:32 pm

It does not give me the option of entering my kroger plus card number. It just says I have to print receipts and submit them through the website. I'd much rather just attach my plus card. Am I missing something???


April 17, 201410:07 pm

If you don't have a Kroger card, but instead have it linked to your phone number, is there a way to use Savings Star? If so, I haven't figured it out yet. :(

Noelle Quade

April 9, 201411:55 am

Make sure you keep receipts & up on what they're offering though. I had it where it didn't register once (It can take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to show now & then) & I had to go through receipts & screen shots to prove I was missing something on their end. MOST of the time there's no issues, but it does arise now & then.


April 9, 201408:56 am

for example the free reeses butter egg, you have to pay at checkout for example $.99 and then in 2-22 days you get $.99 in your saving star account??????? is that how it works??

Kayla Starrett

April 9, 201409:16 am



April 8, 201404:57 pm

Also, would like to note that if u do have a Kroger Visa card and are using that it has it's own Kroger plus card number on the back that will need to be entered on savingstar shud it ever b used...I learned the hard way that my phone number that is linked to my original card that I signed up with savingstar is not automatically linked to my 123 rewards Visa card with savingstar(it is when it comes to points with Krogers fuel points, but not with savingstar) u have to register ur original plus card number that u sometimes might punch ur phone number in to Use and u will have to register the number on the back lower corner of ur 123 rewards visa...hope I didn't confuse anyone, but I missed out on a lot of deposits due to me not realizing that myself