Mashed potatoes with or without gravy?  That's on my mind right now!  If you like WITH gravy then here's a nice freebie on Johnny's Beef Gravy or French Dip Au Jus. My Kroger only sells these two products but if your store sells the seasonings then you'll be in luck there too.

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April 16, 201411:40 am

the coupon must be gone, because I got nothing, even after signing up.


April 15, 201401:28 pm

My dillons wont let me use coupons that exceed the price and i dont see anything like it in their coupon policy. so I couldnt even use my el montery breakfast burrito coupons! i got to use them the last time the coupons were out!


April 12, 201411:57 am

Where is this located at in your Kroger stores?! I glanced with the gravy at mine last night and didn't see it.

Amy S.

April 13, 201412:29 am

I found it today and it was on the very top shelf at the end of the gravy mixes. It's a tiny bottle, but I'm going to get it if I can print the coupon. It was $2.16 here in WV.


April 12, 201405:36 pm

It's by the gravy in mine.


April 12, 201407:54 am

Love this site !!!


April 12, 201412:28 am

These are $2.49 at my Kroger, so the coupon doesn't make them free, but it's still a good deal.


April 11, 201407:32 pm

Once you enter your email address a button comes up to print the coupon (at least it did for me). The button was above the coupon


April 11, 201403:32 pm

So, this coupon takes you to FB in which you have to "like" the page and you enter your email in and click get a coupon. It just has a coupon on the FB page, not an actual link to print it from so you have to print the whole FB page in order to get coupon?


April 14, 201404:43 pm

There's a button right above the coupon that says "print your voucher". You can actually print as many as you want. At least it gave me the option to on my computer.