kroger free friday download

Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is NO Kroger FREE Friday Download this week. It will be back next week though.

Friday Download

View the latest Free Friday Download HERE.

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April 25, 201410:05 pm

When I go to tge free friday site, I get this message: Please come back Friday 5/23/2014 for the next FREE offer. Are they going to once a month now??

Laura clark

April 25, 201409:12 pm

I live in new haven IN and I had no problem getting the tea plenty in stock


April 25, 201406:05 pm

At my Kroger on Willamsburg and Laburnum Ave. in Richmond Va., there was an abundance of the iced tea. There were other times however that other items were not available on Free Download Friday. It depends on store availability and demand.


April 25, 201405:12 pm

No luck for me, either. I'll have to ask about a raincheck.


April 25, 201409:55 am

I have a Jay C store (southern IN) near me which is owned by Kroger's. We get the same digital coupons as Kroger. I haven't been able to get the free tea either. I check almost daily. Thanks for letting us know about the raincheck. I will get one today.


April 25, 201409:38 am

I am in the mid-atlantic region and still have not been able to get Nestea freebie fulfilled from 3 weeks ago. Empty shelves, I was told supply/demand issue. Is anyone else having this problem in their areas? Corporate told me I could get a raincheck though.


April 25, 201407:56 am

I was wondering! Thanks for the info!!