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In a Mega Sale situation, you MUST purchase 4 participating items (in this case) to get the additional mega savings of $1.00 per item. So, for example you have a cart full of groceries, but you count only 11 items. A filler item is what you grab to get your item count up to a multiple of 4 so that you can get the mega discount on all of your items. Preferably something very inexpensive that doesn’t require a coupon, because if you had a coupon – it’s probably already in your cart!


Don’t forget you can view the Mega Event full inclusions list HERE.


Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

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September 6, 201412:10 pm

Thanks so much for all your hard work!! It's well appreciated. I know the time it takes so thanks.


September 6, 201412:03 pm

I got some frozen kale for $1.50. On mega deal


April 26, 201411:37 am

Speed stick Gear requires a coupon for $2, but then only .49 so kind of a filler item. Another poster, Angie Southern, noted Classico Pesto for .99 no coupon required as part of mega sale!


April 26, 201409:34 am

I have gone to the Kroger website several times and it will not let me create an account. Can you help?


April 26, 201409:05 am

I love this site. Thanks for your hard work. It help me out a lot. I love save

Joy Stainbrook

April 26, 201408:49 am

Thank you so much for all your hard work!! This website is awesome.


April 26, 201412:15 am

I went to Fry's and the Nutella was not 1.99 :( it was on the save 4 $ but it was on sale for $3


April 25, 201410:52 pm

nice thanks!!!!


April 25, 201409:08 pm

I had a $1 digital coupon for Di Martino and it worked. Free!


April 25, 201404:31 pm

Capri Suns .99 Old Orchard Juice .99 ( I couldn't find the coupon for these)


April 25, 201402:49 pm

The store in my area had hard taco shells for .50c that were part of the mega event sale.


April 25, 201402:07 pm

Can't forget about the Kraft dressing! It's only 1.49 for the mega event at my store. Plus kroger has a digital coupon for it!


April 25, 201401:34 pm

May I also suggest The Privet Selection brand Salted caramel truffle ice cream OR the Talenti brand organic pistachio gelato both priced at 3.49 with the mega event saving.. both incredibly good and a lil guilty pleasure/reward for all my/your saving :)


April 25, 201401:22 pm

Yeah!! I love the Filler list. Thank you! :-)


April 25, 201401:20 pm

I LOVE that you provided this list! Many times I have searched the store looking for an inexpensive 'filler' item. Now I can just bring your list up on my phone at the store. THANK YOU Katie!!!!!