kroger must do deals

week of 4/2/14

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised!

  • Sale dates are based on a Wed-Tue sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Monday-Sunday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have to take advantage of the deals I have listed by Sunday of that week. Confused yet? Read more about sale cycles HERE.
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**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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Stephanie @ The Good Stuff

April 6, 201404:17 pm

FYI, the Land o Lakes stick butter coupon was not available for me through the link you provided (I did have a spreadable butter coupon though so I printed that :) ), but I was able to get the stick butter coupon from the Land o Lakes website. Thanks for the head's up on the deal!

Joshua Mitchem

April 5, 201406:19 pm

Sorry about the typo it should say Smart Source not saver.

Joshua Mitchem

April 5, 201405:59 pm

I am just wondering if anyone else is having have problem with Smart I have tried on three different computers and three different browsers and still I cannot get the coupons to print. It is saying java not right one but on all three browsers I have updated the java version and still get the same result. I have checked the Java website and make sure everything was enabled but I am still unable to print coupons. I can print them fine from any other site red plum, but smart saver will not let me. Any help suggestions or anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Dawn Koch

April 5, 201407:08 pm

I have that issue on my husbands computer and his java is the latest version and mine is an old version. I honestly think the new version doesn't support it and the old one does.

Joshua Mitchem

April 7, 201410:48 pm

Yeah I am thinking what that is as well. You would think that the site would update and make it to where it is compatible with the new version. I mean I could always uninstall the new version and than install the new version but thats alot of work and alot of the things I do on my computer require me to have the newest version. Maybe I'll email them and see if they plan on updating.

Amanda Faris

April 5, 201409:21 am

My Kroger doesn't have the Barbara's Cereal BOGO. They are just on sale for $2.99. But even with coupons it's a great deal!!!


April 4, 201408:10 pm

The thinkthin bar coupon it's expired! On the infusium shampoo, conditioner final price will be $1.29 since its $3.29-$2mq=$1.29.


April 4, 201408:09 pm

There is also a 1.25 offer on hefty trash bags from checkout 51!

Melissa Faught

April 4, 201407:15 pm

Is anyone else having issues with

J Travis

April 4, 201406:57 pm

There is a SavingStar offer for Liberte Greek or Mediterranee Yogurt which will make it a money maker. Under the Betty Crocker potatoes you have "or" for the SavingStar offer, SavingStar will deposit in your account whether or not you use paper or digital coupons.


April 4, 201407:36 pm

J Travis, here is an explanation of why I don't stack paper coupons with SavingStar offers.


April 4, 201406:21 pm

I also had a $.40 off one Liberte Yogurt on Saving Star this month. : >

Paige Dove

April 4, 201405:58 pm

I got the Liberte yogurt today in the coconut flavor and OMG it was AMAZING. Pretty sure I will be buying plenty of that even if I don't have coupons lol.