Hamburger Helper

And here is another coupon that showed up this morning for Betty Crocker Helper Meals.  These are full price at Kroger right now but often go on sale for $1 each so you may want to print and save.

Hamburger Helper Coupon

Betty Crocker Mail in rebate
A Mail-in-Rebate also showed up this morning but is only valid for Walmart but wanted to make sure you knew about it.  Looks like you could score a nice deal.  Sorry, no scenario though! 🙂

FREE Ground Beef wyb (3) boxes of Classic Helper printable

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April 22, 201401:40 pm

My Kroger had the new bold Chicken flavors on markdown for .79 cents a box so the one of two coupon is a great deal on those. Made them only .29 cents a box for me. I would never be able to find deals like this if it wasnt for this site. I love knowing what coupons are out for items. it helps me so much. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this site. This is the first thing I check every morning. :)


April 21, 201408:14 pm

I have to say I love your website. It is finally nice to see just a Kroger deal website (for the most part of course). It makes it less confusing for everyone if you just shop at Kroger's for the majority of your stuff.


April 21, 201405:19 pm

So sorry I did not read it RIGHT, Elaine you are out of line and cursing for no reason, Some people just jump in and start running there mouth to be RUDE.

Julie T

April 21, 201404:11 pm

That's actually a pretty good rebate. Buy 3 Classic Helpers and ground beef (any size, any brand) and they will rebate the price of the beef up to $6.44.


April 21, 201403:45 pm

Why do you put coupons on here from Walmart, Kroger WILL NOT TAKE THEM.

Julie T

April 22, 201410:51 pm

Nancy, some Krogers WILL take them now. Michigan Krogers changed their policy months ago realizing that they are mfg coupons and are to be treated as such.


April 21, 201405:03 pm

some rude-ass people here...


April 21, 201404:58 pm

Nancy, if you read the post you will see that I was simply informing you of the Walmart rebate. I did not give you a Kroger scenario suggesting that you can use it there. "A Mail-in-Rebate also showed up this morning but is only valid for Walmart but wanted to make sure you knew about it. Looks like you could score a nice deal. Sorry, no scenario though!"


April 21, 201409:28 pm

Thanks Katie for letting the readers know of the "Walmart only" coupon. I price matched Smith's Hamburger Helper .79 and Albertsons IM 93% lean beef $3.49/lb, used the $1.00/2 Hamburger Helper paid $10.22 for 2.25 lbs of beef and 3 Hamburger Helper boxes. Will submit for $6.44 rebate. Would have been a better deal if I could have bought exactly $6.44 worth of beef...but no meat counter at my Walmart. My sale cycle ends Tuesday...HTH