It’s another installment of My Week in Pictures!

So, first of all I wanted to give you the update on how the pictures I had done with my sisters turned out, including what we are calling #denimconvention. The top one was us 20 years ago, and then of course the reinactment we did a couple weeks ago. Seriously – how awesome did THAT turn out!? So much fun.  Thanks again Kathy with Photography by K for bringing this to reality.

So now onto what’s happened in the last 2 weeks…well, not a ton LAST week (I’m not even sure what I did!), but this week I went down to Cincinnati for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was invited to a Kroger Bloggers event featuring their “Easy for You Seafood” complimentary service where you make a seafood choice and then the seafood clerk will season your selection and seal it in an oven bag. You then take it home with you and bake in the oven for a super convenient, no fuss, healthy meal for your family! Have any of you taken advantage of this service yet? It’s awesome. #krogerrocks #easyforyouseafood


Before the event, 2 of my favorite Kroger Krazies, Stephanie and her dad Mark came to see me.. so that was SUPER exciting to finally meet then in person! Mark had already scoured the manager’s specials before we got there. He’s a professional. Haha! Oh and #babybump.


There’s me being a total tourist. I’ve been to Cincinnati a TON in the last year, AND I’ve actually stayed in this same hotel on the river, but I just cannot get enough of that view. I have a thing for those row houses and needed pictures. Of course, they never turn out, so you get a picture of me taking a picture and you’ll just have to take my word for it.  🙂 #rowhousesarecool #KatieisNOTcool

I also had a meeting with i-wireless, which I plan to tell you SO MUCH more about in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that awesome-ness as well. #spoileralert


Once again, my friends opened their home to me because it’s a great halfway point for me. Roger slow cooked brisket for the most delish-a-ful cuban hash the next morning…Aaaaand I got to eat chips for breakfast. Yep. That’s a thing. #keepcalmandletRogerhandleit

Their animals clearly love me too. Abbey just sits herself right on my lap like she owns the place (trying to work!) and Bud decided he was going to pack himself in my suitcase. I texted my daughter, Kambell that picture and she was in complete agreement that Bud needed to come home with me. #crazycatladywannabe 😀


My child. She makes me laugh, but really…should I be concerned? Grammy bought her a new Barbie, but instead of tearing out of the package…she leaves it in pinned in there then ties her up like a prisoner. #lovely


And then I find this. This is what she’s drawing on the ipad. I have lost all control. #proudmommymoment

katie jack bradley

I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page as my throwback thursday (#tbt) pic and thought I’d share it here as well for those of you who don’t follow me. I was 22-ish here and worked in a real estate office with a bunch of awesome people. It was a really fun job and while I love the online interaction I get everyday NOW, I do miss talking to real life people all day. HA! #nevermetmybestfriendblogging

Well, those were this week’s tidbits!! How was your week? Let us know in the comments below. 

You can view my previous weeks in pictures HERE.

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April 9, 201412:30 pm

Love the pic w/ you & your sisters! That's so cute w/ the exact same poses!


April 7, 201407:25 pm

Nice pics especially the Kambell one from the Ipad! Love it! Is that you Katie ;). What app is that? I never seen one that you can draw like that.


April 7, 201411:36 am

Thanks for sharing! Fun stuff.

Mark Bowers

April 7, 201411:06 am

So you like the Cincinnati views Katie.Have you ever seen the view coming down the hill on northbound 75 in northern Kentucky before you cross the bridge into Cincinnati? If not you should its awesome.Especially at night when the town and stadiums are lite up.


April 7, 201411:21 am

YES Mark! Amazing view. I love it at night.

Jennifer B.

April 6, 201411:41 pm

I *love* the sisters pictures. What a great thing to have been able to recreate it. Well done, too. I am intrigued by the "Easy for You Seafood" option. I wonder if it is in most stores yet (since it sounds like they may have rolled it out for the bloggers event).


April 7, 201411:23 am

Jennifer, the "Easy for You Seafood" option has already been in effect in some areas, so you may need to ask. :)