free brut kroger

This weekend most of us received this Brut coupon that makes them FREE with this new sale price at Kroger! One dollar minus one dollar equals FREE! Dang, I'm good at math. 😉

Final cost is FREE!

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Nicole Thomas

May 11, 201506:44 pm

I went to Kriget today May 11, 2015 and there were no digns for Brut being 10/$10...when does this sales start. Thanks!


May 27, 201403:37 pm

I checked your "What's Free at Kroger" blog yesterday to verify that the $1 Brut price was still in effect. They only had one antiperspirant Brut on shelf. After handing the cashier my coupon, she told me my Brut price was (TaaDAH!) $1. I declined and requested my coupon back. I must admit in my haste I did NOT check the shelf price. Yet she gave me some kind of scuttlebutt reason. BUT - they also refused my $1 Firefly toothbrushes coupon because it was 1¢ MORE than the product price. (The 89¢ sale price was over - but since product was 99¢ I thought my $1 coupon would work AS IT DID WHEN THEY WERE 89¢.) To top it off, my Free Pillsbury mini-pancakes e-coupon DID NOT WORK. Nearly a wasted trip.


May 29, 201411:39 am

Went back armed with 4 Brut coupons yesterday. Shelf price IS $1. This time I got 4 Free Brut. Go figure!! (But all prior signs of the 89-99¢ Firefly toothbrushes were GONE from the toothbrush displays!)


May 27, 201402:25 pm

the revolution is blue the coupon is valid on this green deodorant


May 26, 201412:16 pm

How do I get the coupons? I'm new to this.


May 22, 201411:05 am

You can purchase the one in the middle (pictured above) it is 2.0 ounces-I did this deal yesterday and today at two different locations and worked fine.


May 21, 201404:11 pm

It looks to me, according to what she has posted here, that it only excludes ther 2.25 oz. "Revolution" deodorant. Is that right?


May 21, 201401:38 pm

Doesn't it say it excludes the 2.25 oz? I thought that is what's in the photo.