kroger coupon policy

Kroger Coupon Policy

You can view this policy on the Kroger website HERE.

The Kroger Co. Family of Stores accepts paper and digital coupons. Customers who choose to participate in the digital coupon program are required to have a digital account with a valid, active Plus Card. Kroger Co. Associates or partners are prohibited from setting up or otherwise maintaining a digital account not specifically linked to that Associate or the Associate’s household.

A valid Plus Card or an Alternate ID is required to access a digital account in order to use digital coupons at the time of purchase.

Digital coupons and offers are deducted from a Customer’s total purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts, and cannot be added back or removed once the Card has been scanned.

Coupon Acceptance Criteria:

  • Limit one Store/Manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased
  • Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon from the manufacturer
  • All coupons will be accepted at face value on the purchase of the correct description on the coupon:
    • Brand
    • Size
    • Quantity
    • Color
    • Flavor
  • Expired coupons will not be accepted
  • We do not accept coupons presented on an app or mobile device. We only accept digital coupons found on our App or our website.
  • We do not accept coupons that are copied, blurry, out of proportion, altered, or that will not scan at the point of sale
  • We limit coupons to three (3) of the same coupon per day, per household, unless otherwise noted restrictions on the coupon
  • If the order total is negative from coupon use the balance will be added to merchandise return card
  • Internet Coupons/Print at Home Coupons (PAH) — Additional restrictions:
    • “Free Item” Internet coupons can be accepted if all purchase criteria are met
    • Only one internet/PAH coupon per item will be accepted
    • Internet coupons may be limited to two (2) coupons per Customer in a single day

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of ANY coupon or offer.

While this policy DOES address some of the things we run into when using coupons, there are MANY many scenarios that are not covered (bogo coupons/sales, coupon overage, etc.), so in that case – it is up to the individual managers to set their own policy. Hopefully that’s in your favor. 😉

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October 4, 202008:30 am

Goldfish BOGO - Resealable 11oz bags are the same price as the 6 oz!!!


October 4, 202008:26 am

B1G1 Free on Goldfish resealable bags

Peter von Volborth

July 3, 202002:11 pm

Since the Latonia Kentucky Kroger store did not accept my online coupons, please let me know which Kroger store in Covington KY or Newport KY accept them.


May 28, 202004:31 pm

I need some help?? This problem has happened twice now. The scenario is: I have a Kroger Digital Coupon for $2 off two (some product), and those two products are on the Buy 5 or more / Save $5 Mega Event Sale. These two products are priced at $2.99 each before the B5G5 sale. In theory I should get $4.00 off ($2.00 from the B5G5 sale and $2.00 from the digital coupon). However, when I ring this up at self checkout the register fails to award me both B5G5 dollars ($2.00). I only get $1.00. So I ask the checkout associates to please adjust my order by giving me the missing $1.00. The associates have varying reasons for what is happening and decline to award me the $1.00. I kindly explain that I'm operating within the Kroger coupon policy and that I should be awarded this dollar. Eventually a supervisor gets involved and after some negotiation and polite conversation they concede and give me the $1.00. But this keeps happening and I'm afraid to claim these offers because I wind up holding up the line and people get upset and I don't want to be rude or become known as that person. Does anyone have any advice on what is going on here and what I should do about this. Thank you.


July 3, 202002:23 pm

It seems like Kroger is using bogus coupons they don't honor as "bait & Switch" to get customers into their stores...and usually when the customer is already in the store they will shop regardless of the worthless coupons. Kroger used to be a more friendly, reputable store...I guess their profit margin is more important to them than treating customers fairly and with respect. Greed vs Honesty!

Doug Stone

September 6, 201907:18 pm

We, my wife and I, just tried Kroger brand horseradish sauce . We were underwhelmed to say the least. Please put more horseradish in your horseradish in your horseradish sauce. We pitched the remainder

LeeAnn Sand

January 28, 201506:39 am

Has anyone heard of this before!?!? I was in Kroger located in Thompson's Station, TN, just one week ago. I had over $210 in groceries and just 8 coupons (sadly). 4 were manufacturer coupons and 4 were Catalina, printed by Kroger, for Kroger brand products. After the 4 manufacturer coupons the cashier handed back my Catalina coupons and said "we only accept 4 coupons per transaction". Now, I have been shopping here for the last two years, with piles of coupons at every trip. I've never heard of this, and so I tell her that's ridiculous. So she confirms this "policy" with the cashier next to her. According to the coupon policy here, that's not accurate information. I'm going to give Kroger another try today, armed with my printed copy of the policy. But seriously, has anyone ever heard of this???


June 11, 201505:00 pm

Sounds like the cashier is mixing up the words with TRANSACTION and PURCHASE. I have been through that so many times. When a coupon states 4 like coupons per purchase, it does not mean PER TRANSACTION. In circumstances like that, I would just tell the cashier to please contact the manager (if lines arent busy) or grab the items you want to purchase and go to customer service desk. It could be a training issue. I have never heard of only being able to use 4 coupons per transaction. What was the outcome of your next trip?


November 21, 201401:22 pm

here in Arizona are store is krogers brother frys they do take expired coupons no more then 3 months old out of date! I don't know if my state or what but all the sales on here all the same there just wondering if there doing the coupon only for krogers and not the whole chain


September 3, 201406:29 pm

I have rarely used coupons in my life bc I mainly buy fresh produce etc. and most coupons didn't relate to our needs. For non-food items/ paper goods, we usually just went with the sale item. Now that we have babies, coupons would be very valuable to us- especially on baby products. After reading the new coupon policies (no doubling, limit of 5 coupons per transaction), I am quite disappointed. I wondered when the crazy coupon shelf clearers would ruin coupon usage for everyone and, it appears it has finally happened. I'm not trying to be offensive but lets be honest..... some people are just plain greedy!! I'm not surprised that stores are changing the rules in light of some of the ridiculous, gluttony portrayed by those who abuse savings. For instance, I've witnessed a person loading an entire shopping cart full of mustard! Really!?! Thanks to this selfish mindset.... other shoppers aren't always able to enjoy the sales. I just think people need to use common sense.... of course you have your reasons for stockpiling but honestly... do you really need to? After all, many of the products will expire before you even use them.... (the question is meant to be rhetorical- no answer needed- only reflection). The bottom line is, for those of us who only use what we need, coupons are not the help they once were, or could be due in large part to the "crazy couponers".


May 16, 201403:57 am

My Kroger is still doubling... strange. I do most of my shopping at publix though so it doesn't affect me much. I just go to kroger when things are really cheap/free and run in and out fast. I'm always treated rudely at the kroger closest to me so I usually only go when I go to publix across the street since that's a 20 mile drive for me. I wonder how long Publix will double since Kroger is now stopping.

Sharon Creviston

May 15, 201405:50 am

My, my, my. There are some really testy shoppers responding to the new coupon policy. I didn't like it myself until I calmed down and reread it. After I considered my shopping preferences, that I use my coupons based on expiration dates, I discovered that this policy isn't really going to affect me much at all. To save time, it is possible that I will check with management for any decisions about coupons before getting to the checkout line. It will keep me from becoming highly annoyed with a checker. Frankly, I'm glad coupon decisions are at the managers discretion. I usually come out with a better deal. They don't really want customers screaming about anything so they will usually do whatever they can to have a happy one. I don't always get what I want, but I feel calmer knowing that I communicated my thoughts to the manager. For the items I buy, Kroger is my first choice. After they stopped doubling coupons, they started having numerous other incentives. I usually come out way ahead of other stores with savings. It is true that I study to get ready for shopping trips but I do it during TV commercials. I hardly notice the extra time I spend. Though I don't have kids, I am a caregiver so time spent is an issue. None of my comments I have are in response to anyone's opinions expressed here. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there too. Happy shopping to all.


May 14, 201402:51 pm

The policy is ambiguous, but I am glad that the 75% of an item's value threshold is gone.


May 14, 201402:53 pm

Also, my store ended triples without warning, and then canceled doubles about 5-6 months later. It was painful, but anger does not get me or anyone else anywhere.


May 14, 201408:26 am

So is this the actual policy for all krogers? Cuz ours is saying only 3 like coupons


May 15, 201403:25 pm

The management team can make the decision to limit the coupons. Mine does 3 as well.


May 14, 201406:48 am

So are we still able to get rain checks for out of stock items an use our coupons!? I find this policy vague in ways


May 14, 201401:45 pm

Here is the quote from the policy: 'Coupons will be limited to redemption from products currently on-hand at the store location' My interpretation is no coupons on rain-checks, but you can still get rain-checks. I hope I'm wrong!


May 16, 201410:53 am

I think it means they will no longer take coupons on large pre-orders.


May 14, 201405:42 am

My mother is a cashier at WalMart and I try to avoid that store if at all possible. They treat their cashiers with no respect. I know WalMart is supposed to only accept two printable coupons on any like item, so maybe that's what Kroger is going for since you're only allowed 2 prints. I know....people print from different computers, as do I. I always get a hard time when couponing at I don't bother. I was more concerned about the mention of rain checks and not being able to use coupons with them when redeeming them. We live with the comment "at managers discretion" every day. My job description at work says "and any other duties specified by the 'manager'". There is always vagueness because there are people that try to work the system and they cannot encompass every scenario as people find ways to get what they want. If you're an honest shopper, then you'll figure out how to get the best deals for you. I think it would benefit if Kroger had a double coupon day! I believe in the near future, there will be no paper coupons and it will be all digital anyway. That's my two cents......have a good day!


May 14, 201402:16 am

Lowering prices, ha, not hardly it's just a marketing ploy and I noticed that they raised some of their prices in the last month so now what lower them back to normal, smh. Sticking with Target, at least they have store coupons to stack mq's with and cartwheel. Kroger dropped the ball they are going to need to step up their game.


May 13, 201409:48 pm

I would just like a little clarification about this: o In some instances, Internet coupons may be limited to two (2) coupons per Customer in a single day. Because, it is so vague. I can change how I shop to fit the policy, but only if I know what the policy is. 2 internet coupons for the same product? Or two internet coupons for an ENTIRE transaction? Those are so two different scenarios. If it is 2 internet coupons in one transaction, that is like doing away with internet coupons altogether.


May 13, 201409:38 pm

Honestly, quit whining over it. Do separate transactions to get the best value over it. If you don't have the time to stand there in line, make it. Stores open early and close late, figure it out. If you don't like that, price match at Walmart and use all the coupons you want there. Be happy you had/have doubling. We only have Smith's and they've only doubled like 3 times in a three year span. Call yourselves lucky. Coupon policies are changing because people are becoming more money savvy, NOT greedy. Times get tougher and people stock up for the unexpected. I admit I'm a shelf-clearer, I have my reasons but I don't have to argue for acceptance from anyone. Stores are doing what they're doing to survive before Walmart runs them out (and it's not like Walmart is getting any cheaper). Do your store ad homework, work your coupon magic, and demand that they open up a extra checkout lane so you can hurry up and get your savings and leave.


May 13, 201411:12 pm

Why so aggressive and TACKY? If you don’t have the time to stand there in line, make it?????? Can you really speak for everyones time allotment or time management? Sounds like you take this strangely personal?? HMMM? And a self admitted shelf clearer with reasons? Sounds NARCISSISTIC to the rest of us whiners who only were on here seeking clarification of this new policy. And I don't know if you have ever encountered Kroger's pitiful excuse for customer service which I personally rank #2 behind Walmart (#1) but I would love to see the day that any customer could demand that they open up a extra checkout lane so you can hurry up and get your savings and leave. AGAIN NARCISSISTIC!!!!! Have you taken your meds today?


May 13, 201409:37 pm

I am confused. This is the sams policy they have always had, EXCEPT for the mention that they MAY limit online/internet coupons to 2 per transaction? Why? Why accept five regular coupons from a paper or insert, but only 2 online coupons? Like most people here, I print my coupons. So, they are internet coupons. But I have always been able to use 5 in onr transaction. this changing, or is it just up to the store or cashiers discretion?


May 14, 201409:17 am

The one Krogers near us had started only taking 2 internet coupons about 2 months ago. The manager was so tense when he saw the cashier excepting more than 2 from me. It ended up that someone had gotten fired that day over coupons and it sounded like an upper position person and he was worried about loosing his job. He called into the main office and told them that my order was about done and no one knew about the policy change and that my numbers on the coupons were all different. So they let me go through but are now only taking them once a day. I thought about going early in the morning and later at night because I was in town another day and they just happened to know I was in that morning and wouldn't take them on the second trip.

Jennifer C

May 13, 201409:36 pm

Mine never has the sale items!!! I just quit going!! I did like some of the sales they had and the only reason I switched back to Krogs was bc it doubled I'd honestly love to know how much there sales are now and how much it declined since the doubling stopped I read somewhere one state still doubles how's that fair... Sucks .. Oh well back to Walmart :)


May 13, 201408:47 pm

Our Kroger quit doubling last year and said they were going to lower prices on alot of stuff. They did.... for about a month.i buy my husband V-8 in the little cans that is sold in a 8 pack. Walmart and Meijer sell them for $2.89 kroger- $4.29. That is just 1 thing. It is so hard now days to make a stock pile. Glad I started years ago. All the grocery stores are bad and it's only going to get worse.


May 13, 201406:52 pm

Rodney is just so cool. I bet he's the most popular loser in his group of friends.


May 13, 201406:48 pm

Some if you people are down right stupid


May 13, 201406:32 pm

On many of my receipts, there is information to participate in a Kroger survey. The Kroger Feedback website is given with a unique code to use for your feedback. (Plus you earn 50 gas points for taking the survey) I urge everyone that is interested in discussing the impact of no longer doubling coupons, their "lower" prices, etc to take the survey and voice your opinion there. Each time I take the survey, I always select "highly dissatisfied" for all questions that pertain to Kroger's prices compared to other retailers. Then in the open comment section I write in that I now do the majority of my shopping at other retailers since Kroger stopped doubling coupons. I tell them that I get cheaper deals at other retailers. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WAIT AROUND FOR THE SURVEY, WRITE THE KROGER CORPORATE OFFICE.


May 13, 201405:17 pm



May 13, 201404:47 pm

Most of you people are complete idiots and have no common sense at all. Read the freakin policy. My Kroger has used this policy for over 2 years and I save 40-50% still so SHUT UP ALREADY.


May 13, 201406:25 pm

Ben WAS the biggest DOUCHE-BAG, but absolutely NO surprise that a COMPLETE MORON NAMED TIM took over 1ST PLACE!!! It's ALWAYS a "TIM" that is the BIGGEST D-BAG!! CONGRATS, D-BAG OF THE CENTURY! GOLD MEDAL WINNER......TIM THE DOUCHE BAG!!!!!! ------GFY, TIM! (You probably need some help here, right Moron? The "G" is "GO", The "Y" is ""YOURSELF".....Can you figure out what the "F" stands for????) Just another WORTHLESS TIM!! Save us all, and jump off the highest bridge you can find. Make sure there is at least 10 feet of water at the bottom & chain a few cinder blocks on each ankle. And a couple to your neck, just to be sure. DOUCHE BAG!!!!


May 19, 201404:25 pm

Tim, Rodney is mad because we can actually read and save money. Let's save him the time and just ignore him and let me waste his money at other stores.


May 13, 201404:21 pm

For everyone that is complaining about the policy, there is an easy solution. DON'T SHOP AT KROGER! If you don't like, then don't shop there. I guarantee over half the people mad will be shopping there again within the next week anyways. So everyone the time and effort and stop typing out your complaints. #KrogerRules #WillShopThereUntilIDie


May 13, 201405:53 pm

Whatever you say, Ben. Are you the ruler of everybody on the internet, or just everybody on this website?


May 19, 201404:21 pm

Everyone on the internet :)


May 13, 201404:07 pm

My kroger will give me a rain check if they sale item I want is not in stock. I can return and purchase that item at a later date(rain check has an expiration)and still pay the sale price. I still save money even though they don't double anymore. If I can ever get my stockpile large enough I hope to never have to walk into Wal Mart again.


May 13, 201403:58 pm

Krogers supposedly changed their coupon policy because they were lowering prices. Thats a crock. They have raised prices. And if as they said" that many people don't use coupons" well then why stop doubling. And as for people who say people are greedy. Well step into my shoes, my husband was diagnosed with cancer in october. I opted to use coupons and not have to go to a food pantry.


May 13, 201403:56 pm

This has been the policy here since last July when they quit doubling. They have "lowered prices" on alot of items, it's not every item in the store. Like the Bayer aspirin, finish tabs, & Gillette shave gel is cheaper there than it is at Walmart plus u get fuel points to where at Walmart u get nothing. And it's not a total amount of qs but LIKE qs & here I can still do multiple transactions. If they r out of an item when it's on sale get a rain check. I live 30 miles from closest Kroger so when I go yes I will clear a shelf if it's an item I need or won't be back until after q expires. The reason why someone gets a certain amount of items is really no one's business & others need to quit judging them for it

M. Saw

May 13, 201403:39 pm

Ending the double coupon was the last straw for me. I'm done with Kroger. Their prices are inflated, they NEVER have the sale items in stock, and the managers discretion statement basically means that each store can make their own rules. Meijer has lower prices, better produce, and a bigger selection. Kroger lost my business.


May 13, 201403:24 pm

It doesn't say anything about dbl coupons? Does that mean we can dbl up to a dollar? I don't care for the part that says managers discretion. The night manager in Taylor has a power ego!


May 13, 201403:39 pm

"All coupons will be accepted at face value." aka No Doubling.

brandi boes

May 13, 201403:09 pm

My kroger only allowed 3 like coupons regardless if they were paper or Internet, I sure how they don't limit the number of Internet coupons because that is the only thing I use and I'm trying to feed a family of six, I never clear a shelf either. .. I'm afraid I will have to go back to meijer


May 13, 201402:58 pm

My store was already doing the limit of 5 coupons- it was per transaction then they decided per day- I think it depends on who is asked. I don't see the big deal, really... I still save quite a bit, just gotta separate transactions or come back more than once-- I guess I just fail to see what the fuss is really about. You can still coupon, they still have awesome deals.. I shop at Meijer & Kroger but since I've been couponing, the more I like Kroger and this "new" policy is no different than what it already was at my store! Kroger is still awesome, but if you'd like to pay more at other stores because ya'll don't think so.. be my guest-- the shelves will be in store for me to buy it :D Truly grateful! :)

Marla Zakany

May 13, 201402:53 pm

I am so disappointed in Kroger! I am not happy with the no doubling but even more upset with the prices!!! New lower prices?!?!? Not at our Kroger!! Milk, meat, butter, (everyday items) are HIGHER tha Walmart and other stores in our area. If I do have a coupon for an item, it isn't on the shelf. If you are having a sale, then stock up on that item!!!!! I miss out on some things that would be a fair deal during mega sales because it is hard to meet the quota of items. (Buy 5 save $5) I feel Kroger is being deceptive in their advertising! Yep! I upset!!! And I let everyone I know hear me!! I am now shopping more at other stores and less at Kroger! Hope Kroger is happy!


May 13, 201402:48 pm

I used to love Krogers. I depended on double $ coupons to help feed my family. My husband always loved Meijers. I finally turned him around awhile ago when he could see the savings with the double coupons. It's not like that is all we spent $ on. We also bought the rest of our groceries. So, your store made $. But now I am so disappointed my husband will get his way of Meijers, just because of your new store policy. You will loose a big percentage of your customers. A lot of my friends also a coupon users. They also will no longer be back. I see an empty building comming soon in my neighborhood. Umm I think it was called Krogers at one time.


May 13, 201402:47 pm

I don't see how this policy is upsetting people? The majority of coupons already have a "4 like coupons" limit anyways, so it's only in rare situations that it would affect you, and in those situations, just do more than one transaction! Someone said something about greedy people, and while I know some people do buy a lot to resell, it doesn't mean they are greedy. Some people coupon as a job, and selling things at a discount is really just helping themselves and the person they sell to. And people who buy a lot and don't sell it, well maybe they just have a large family or want to stock up for a while. I stocked up on men's deodorant last week, ended up buying like 20 of them, but I have 6 Kroger stores within 25miles of me so I'm not putting anyone out. It is frustrating going to a store looking for a good deal and it's all gone, but just like everything else in life: you take the good with the bad. Not like it won't go on sale again within a few months!


May 13, 201402:46 pm

All coupons will be accepted at face value..... does that mean they cannot price down a coupon, like when we had the $3 any advil, they tried to adjust it?

michelle tomlinson

May 13, 201402:42 pm

Someone on here mentioned greedy people with coupons, we do what we have to do to feed our families. I get depressed grocery shopping, I can only imagine a family of 5. This is so wrong of Kroger.


May 14, 201409:36 am

Yes, we must do what we have to do to provide for our families and with the double couponing stopping will make it harder but we must learn new strategies. I have a family of 11. I will still shop Krogers probably won't be buying as much as before. Giant Eagle doubles I will start watching there ads more closely. Buying from Adli's, produce esp. But don't forget about buying in bulk online or finding places you can buy in bulk. We will just have to think outside the box. Gardening etc. Making from scratch is a lot healthier. I am trying to make my own convenience food. Someone mentioned Target, our Target isn't the grocery store one but I have been buying more from them since Kroger stopped and getting items for free or close to it. The Target near us has been real helpful and friendly. Trying to go to so many stores does take a lot more time so I can't get all the deals every week but do my best. I pray we all can learn new strategies.


May 13, 201402:41 pm

Well driscolls have diff numbers on each one


May 13, 201402:41 pm

Wow way to go Kroger instead of implementing a real coupon policy you are just going to leave it up to Kroger Management to decide that is not to smart considering there are people who just want to be "in charge" and have a big head and try and show people they are boss. I would not expect this from a large chain


May 13, 201402:36 pm

I don't see any mention of the electronic coupons. Is that a separate policy. I know the current policy. I just thought they would have included it.

Carolyn jones

May 13, 201402:32 pm

The reason our kroger is doing it is because of greedy people I am glad they are kroger runs fantastic deals and people take advantage of it they resell it which in turn hurts the honest people you only need five let the others have a turn too


May 13, 201402:31 pm

my kroger will only accept 3 like coupons... I even brought up that the coupon policy at says 5. But every store has the right to limit the number of coupons.


May 13, 201402:28 pm

So coupons dont double at any krogers now?


May 13, 201402:18 pm

What good is a coupon policy if no one in the company cares to knows it. Now each cashier makes up their own policy as they go.

lisa warner

May 13, 201402:13 pm

So now we are allowed 5 paper coupons meaning from the newspaper and only one printable from the internet which allows printing of two?? And restricting to only 2 printables per day in some instances?? What instances?


May 13, 201401:55 pm

I would sure like to know what internet coupons they will only let us use two of. Do they mean only two printed from the internet total? I am about to switch to Walmart. It looks like it is all at their discretion and we have no way of knowing until we get to the checkout?


May 13, 201402:16 pm

My stores policy on internet coupons has been 2 like coupons for a while, I can use several printed coupons just only 2 of each kind. I think this is because your only supposed to be able to print 2 of each and they used to have a lot of people just coping after printing, which are fraudulent coupons that the company wasn't getting reimbursed for. It is kind of a pain for those of us that have multiple computers and can print many valid coupons, it's frustrating but I understand why they do it. Just like everything else a few bad people trying to cheat the system ruins it for everyone else.


May 13, 201401:51 pm

the "out of proportion" has always been in effect at my store and is ridiculous. Basically if it isnt the size of something from it must be a fraud


May 13, 201401:51 pm

All coupons will be accepted at face value. ^^^ do they still double to 1$?


May 13, 201401:55 pm



May 13, 201401:49 pm

What coupon is considered to be an "Internet" coupon?


May 13, 201401:45 pm

I always thought our limit was 4 like coupons so I'll take the extra! I do know some coupons state no more than 4 like coupons on them though.

Tonya Gajowiak

May 13, 201401:40 pm

Kroger sorry to say..u are LOSING thousands of customers!!! Including..ME!!!!