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Let me start out by saying that this has NOT been personally confirmed to ME by Kroger, NOR has there been an actual press release yet (maybe next week). BUT, my friend Tatanisha over at A Mitten Full of Savings confirmed it with Kroger Michigan Corporate AND enough of you (I’ve received like 40 messages) have heard it directly from management that the ENTIRE Michigan Kroger region IS stopping double coupons as of May 14th, 2014. I was also informed that the sale cycle will change on that day to a Wed-Tue cycle.

That means beginning May 14th your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

The regions that DO still double are as follows:

  • King Soopers (affiliate store in CO)
  • Fry’s (affiliate in AZ)
  • Knoxville TN area stores?

Follow the instructions to Find your Kroger region.


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(thanks to Brad, Katie, Kimberly, Sarah, Lindsey and everyone who messaged me)

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July 24, 201405:13 pm

Our Kroger in Atoka, TN has not doubled coupons in a long time.


May 4, 201411:44 am

I'm ...devistated. Some families depend on double coupons. I've shopped at Krogers for over 10 years. Just for that reason. They will loose1000s of customers. When I shop every 80/100 women are using their coupons. This just makes them another meijer of Walmart. I think even nasty Foodland doubles coupons. Wow. This not only makes you look bad, but you just blend in with the " crap here I go spending 100s for nothing". If this happens, I won't be your regular customer anymore. I have two food stores closer. Makes you equal, so why waste my gas? So sad.!


May 4, 201411:31 am

I'm devistated. Using coupons is a job. A way to feed our families. (Barely). I shopped and loved Krogers for over 10 years. Noticed the prices slowly rising, but my coupons really helped. With everything else rising this just tops it off. If this goes through....I'll miss the old Krogers! So sad. They will for sure loose 1000s of customers. Soon your store will be empty and doors locked. What a shame! I'd really think twice about this.


May 3, 201411:38 pm This Wall Street Journal Report explains it all.


May 3, 201409:22 pm

The last day for doubling is the 13th.


May 3, 201406:18 pm

The news said Kroger is doing away with doubling at all Kroger stores. People actually lost their jobs for allowing people to clear the shelves and do multiple transactions. Some people are getting this stuff and selling it. Well what about us who need it? I'm not going to your yard sell to buy it. Get a wholesale license!

Kim L

May 3, 201412:47 pm

I dont understand why stop doubling coupons in some states and not others Whats the difference. and the lower prices are not low enough to be competitive. Prime example look around. Coupons are a marketing tool and not meant to generate profit, but traffic to stores.

Teresa E.

May 3, 201405:50 am

I save my family a lot of money by shopping at Kroger and using my coupons that double at $1.00. Not sure what to think yet...I wont shop there half as much as I have been.


May 3, 201404:35 am

I only shop Kroger because of double coupon....not no more will have to shop else where!!!


May 3, 201412:58 am

Cashier at my Kroger (Michigan) confirmed today that they will stop doubling May 14th. Let's just say I'm a little bit in denial... my friends thought I was coupon crazy before... hah! I have 11 days and counting to stockpile as much as possible. Ready, set, print, cut & let's go!


May 3, 201412:48 am

I was told King Soopers here in Denver will stop doubling in October. I think with the merger its all going to go away.


May 2, 201411:38 pm

The checker today told me May 14 is the last day for doubling.


May 2, 201410:05 pm

Walmart may seem cheaper, but you're actually getting smaller sized packaging. That's how they offer "lower" prices. When you go to the checkouts at Walmart they only have one lane open and it takes forever. What is your time worth?


May 2, 201405:06 pm

my krogers in saginaw, state street location told me this is a rumor and has not been confirmed for our location. they are still doubling up to $1.


May 2, 201404:59 pm

WooHoo Fry's ! Dont take our doubles away in AZ !

brenda darling

May 2, 201404:27 pm

Just another way corporate America is out of touch with their customers. I work at a competitors here in Mi and shop at Krogers because of the double coupons. Guess what, Krogers lost my business. Listen to the people not your high class penicil pushers.


May 2, 201403:56 pm

This is a huge blow for me, as all the stores in my county (Genesee County, MI) double up to a dollar. I can't even tell you how much product I get free on a weekly basis because of this. It is going to be a big adjustment paying for things that I normally always get free or cents on the dollar...I knew it was coming though, every time I walk in the store there are 15 people in there with their coupon binders, I don't understand how Kroger is making any money doubling to a dollar!


May 2, 201403:43 pm

Our Kroger here in Columbus, Ohio recently stopped doubles. I will say I have noticed prices are a little lower on several things I buy consistently with or without coupons. I was sad because there's only one grocery store in my town, and I think I will now be driving to the next closest town to take advantage of the deals at other stores.

Nikki Meyers

May 2, 201403:33 pm

Noooooooooooooooooo! This makes me very sad. I stopped shopping at Meijer because they quit doubling coupons. I will still shop at Kroger but probably not exclusively anymore.


May 2, 201402:32 pm

Here in Southern California Ralphs (Kroger) used to double coupons about two years ago. I was pretty sad for the changes but to be honest, they have lived up to their "low prices" slogan. We see great deals and Ralphs is VERY competitive even without double coupons. Hopefully you give Kroger a chance!


May 2, 201402:27 pm

Sad news. I have been shopping exclusive at Kroger, even on non-sale items because 1)it saves time but more importantly, 2)I want to give them my business on all items, not just once that I have coupons for. Like a thank you to their generous doubling coupon policy. I will have to start shopping for the best deals soon and do my grocery shopping between Meijer, Kroger and Walmart instead. Of course, I will still shop the Mega sale.


May 2, 201401:54 pm

I will find a store that still double coupons but in the Detroit inner city stores that double coupons do not double coupons on sale items or take internet coupons I will probably start shopping Walmart or Hillers instead

Lisa nagle

May 2, 201401:47 pm

I wrote Kroger corporate and they sent me an e-mail stating that a few days ago.


May 2, 201401:25 pm

This is so devastating to hear. My Kroger shopping days are over....Prices are extremely too high without doubling coupons. Kroger MUST lower prices in order to stay in business or get my business.


May 2, 201401:11 pm

I think with the Safeway and Albertson's merger this will hit AZ prob by end of year as well. :( So sad!


May 2, 201412:47 pm

I rarely shopped at Kroger before I became a couponer. Now I will have to wait and see what the deals will be like. Probably won't spend as much there as I do now! So sad!!


May 2, 201412:11 pm

Please don't give up on Kroger. I started couponing after my area stores had already stopped doubling coupons. I shop mainly Kroger along with Walgreens and Target depending on the deals. I haven't shopped Walmart for more than incidental items for months, I am sure that it will hurt at first when you loose the doubles, but if you stick with it I am sure you will find that you can still save at Kroger.


May 2, 201411:25 am

I live in the Mid-Atlantic region, and my Kroger stopped doubling a long time ago. I admit that I was very discouraged when it first happened. However, I still shop at my Kroger and am still able to get AMAZING deals! Yes, doubling helps out lots. But shop the sales, shop those mega events, and get those fuel points! Just want to encourage everyone. :)


May 2, 201411:17 am

Sad about this. I bet Meijer and Wal-Mart will be happy to get a lot of business back. Kroger is too high priced to continue shopping there without double coupons.


May 2, 201411:04 am

I am in middle TN (the yellow region) and my stores double.


May 2, 201410:51 am

Im so very very bumed!


May 2, 201410:37 am

Eeek! I shop at King Soopers in Co, and I just know that one day they will probably stop doubling too!