Sweet Baby Rays

It's BBQ season!  You know what that means?  Time to stock on on Barbecue Sauce. Right now Sweet Baby Ray's is on sale for $1 and we have a couple of coupons available to make this a killer deal. The insert coupon comes in this weekend's SS so unless you get your inserts early you'll have to wait to grab this over the weekend!


Kendra sent me this picture of some ribs that she made using her smoker over the weekend. She's really good at showing me pictures of all this delicious food while I am NOT visiting her. You really can't show this picture to a meatvore and expect them not to drool.

So… she got this message immediately: I'm just saying…next time I come to your house, something had BETTER be smoking on that smoker contraption you have. And I mean enough for leftovers too. #meatavore

weberShe swears by her Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker!  Does anyone else have one?

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May 19, 201404:42 am

Hi Katie, I am a coupon rookie, wanna thank you for your site, really love it. I started my first couponing yesterday. I score some stuffs I found on your site. yay.. Now I'm kinda confuse with my coupon on the sweet baby ray bbq sauce. It says on the coupon $1.00 off (3)sweet baby ray's bbq sauce all size. Ok, you post a picture showing sales price 10/$10. if I get 10 to make it $1.00 each, I have 3 coupons for bbq sauce, what would be the total price after coupon? confuse cause yesterday I went to Kroger and use my coupon on the barilla blue box pasta. sales price 4/$5 and I got 4 boxes and I use two coupons, on coupon says .55cent on any two boxes. Two of the boxes I save 55 cent and the other two boxes are $1.25 each. was I suppose to use four coupons or was that store mistake?


May 18, 201410:06 pm

I tried to use this at my kroger today and the coupon wouldn't take for regular bbq sauce because the coupon says wing sauce/marinade.

Toni L

May 16, 201412:17 pm

We have had a Smokey Mountain for a couple of years now and we love it! We use it all the time. In fact we are having some friends in to visit this weekend so if our crazy Ohio weather holds up, we too, are planning to smoke some of those delicious looking ribs as well :-) .....It would have been nice if they were on sale at Kroger when I bought them yesterday!


May 15, 201407:22 am

My friend swears by her Weber Smokey too

libby croyle

May 14, 201406:12 pm

we have an awesome smoker that we use quite a bit! (Got a steal on black Friday and got it for $60!) Before we got it, I used a little trick that I found on a blog about how to turn a gas grill into a smoker! I have a 3 burner charbroil gas grill and I would turn the far right burner on low and place my rack of ribs on the far left burner. Then on the far right burner I would place a foil pack with wood chips presoaked overnight in apple juice, poke a couple holes in the top, let it smoke for 6-8 hours and VOILA! Works and resembles the flavor of a smoker! <3

lyndsey lamance

May 14, 201402:45 pm

do any on know when the sale end for the sweat baby rays? thank you


May 14, 201404:56 pm

Zooming in on the picture shows the shelf tag says 5/27/14 for this sale.

lyndsey lamance

May 14, 201405:02 pm

thank you


May 14, 201407:26 pm

never any need to guess on the end date or zoom in on the picture...I ALWAYS tell you the "thru date" in the deal scenario. :)