Clear hair catalina

WOOHOOS!! Story time!! Remember this stinkin' Clear Hair Catalina I told you about last week that was NOT WORKING for anyone anwhere?? Well, I have been testing this deal twice a day since it began, called Kroger Corporate, called Catalina, called local managers…everything. Then finally, last night I went in and got to the bottom of it with my boy Brent (local Kroger manager) who assured me he would help me with my cause. Well, he is the MAN because I tested it this morning and sure enough – it works now!! I can only assume Brent worked his magic like a BOSS. 🙂 Or, more likely Catalina received enough reports from you guys that the darn thing wasn't working and someone finally did their job…but don't tell Brent that. 😀

Clear hair catalina

After sale, coupons and Catalina – you will end up buying a $5.99 bottle of shampoo for ONLY $0.99!! And as always, Kroger Catalinas ROLL, so if you have have access to enough computers (2 prints per computer) to print more coupons, use that $5 Catalina to pay for your next transaction and really stock up!!

Clear Catalina

6/15 – 7/16 | Clear Scalp & Hair Products
Buy (2) = $5.00 OYNO


Deal Scenario:

If you tried this deal and it did not work before today, be sure to fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction to receive your money from Catalina. 

As far as I know these are LIMIT 1 per transaction, so if you want more than 3 of each, be sure to separate your transactions!

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.


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June 25, 201409:06 am

What does through 2/1/15 refer to? The 4.99 sale price? and the catalina then is through 7/16?thank you:) Oh, and I thought I posted this, but a cashier showed me a bunch on manager's clearance at my store for


June 25, 201401:24 am

How many times will it print out a catilina?


June 24, 201409:03 pm

We have been trying this and it works I had the 2.50 off of 1 bottle used 2 coupons the 1st was 499 each total 998 - 250 off each making it 498 i turned around and purchased 2 more with the 250 coupons and the cat 500 coupon it cost me 58 cents for 2 bottles of shampoo one woman and one men'sl this is what I call Value

Jaelynn Norris

June 22, 201403:01 am

Does this apply to the blue bottle to??


June 19, 201410:40 pm

Can I roll over the Catalina for a 2nd purchase of the shampoo?


June 19, 201410:37 pm

Can I roll over the Catalina for another purchase of the shampoo?


June 19, 201412:12 pm

I am not a fan of it. I got some really cheap last year at CVS. I don't like Garnier either, but like Paneten and do like Herbal Essance. This seems like a great deal though!


June 19, 201410:56 am

Hello, I just read some very bad reviews about this products. I was about to buy this product, had anyone try this brand ? I normally used panthene or herbel essence as shampoo


June 19, 201403:51 pm

I agree. I was the I'll use anything that's inexpensive girl until I tried this shampoo and conditioner. I now only use Clear Hair & Scalp. It's awesome!


June 19, 201412:10 pm

Liliane, I have used the scalp one & its AWESOME! In my opinion much better than the average shampoo.


June 19, 201402:47 pm

Thanks !! for your help I ll stick with my panthene and herbal essence, Kroger often have great deals on herbal essence :-)


June 19, 201410:36 am

Do you have to buy 5 participating items to get these at the $4.99 price? TIA


June 19, 201410:53 am

No Patricia. The Mega Event is over. These are just $4.99 on sale. :)


June 19, 201404:09 pm

I went at my lunch and they are not on sale at my location. They are still showing $5.99 :(


June 19, 201410:12 am

Can't wait for Sunday's coupon inserts! This will make for an even better deal when we get the $2.50/1 Clear coupon in the Red Plum insert!