FREE Almay kroger

Did you receive the $4/1 Almay coupon in your 6/1 SS? If you did you have a freebie on your hands. These colors are awesome as well so make sure to clip this coupon and head to Kroger before the coupon expires.

You know how I love my makeup. 🙂

Thanks Dee!

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June 5, 201408:38 am

I tried to do this deal with the $4/1 coupon but my cashier wouldn't take it she said it exceeds the total cost of 3.99 is this right? Did this happen to anyone else at Kroger?


June 6, 201406:39 pm

Try explaining its just a penny, try a different cashier or even a different store. My store doesnt care about the overage.


June 5, 201403:32 am

I love in Houston tx. Was able to get tons of the almay coupons. Super excited!!!!


June 4, 201411:12 pm

I live in oh. But I went to w. Va. For a family reunion. I picked up the Charleston paper for my brother and myself.That paper had the Almay coupon in it.Was very excited could get some ice shadow free.


June 4, 201403:50 pm

Hey Jennifer C and Tiffany! GO BUCKS! (sorry to say I actually hate football, but one is obligated to say that being from Columbus) I am on the hunt for our Almay coupon theives! I will crack this mystery.

Jennifer c

June 4, 201402:21 pm

Penny, I live waverly Ohio :) my mom loves right in Columbus :) close outer belt :)


June 4, 201402:20 pm

I live waverly Ohio :) my mom loves right in Columbus :) close outer belt :)


June 3, 201405:27 pm

Its in a weird place this time, its on the very last page, easy to miss! check it out.


June 3, 201404:26 pm

I live in Huntsville, ALA and we didnt get this coupon. AHHH!! lol.. looking for a printable, fingers crossed :)


June 3, 201402:59 pm

Oh, you guys are from GA. You must have been thinking of Columbus, Georiga, right? I live in Columbus, OHIO. : ). The little known capital of our state. Everyone knows Cleveland and Cincinnati and forgets about us :( Thanks for the suggestion though. Will look at other papers and see what coupons they have. I think someone in Columbus is stealing them or something! Haha


June 3, 201406:24 pm

I promise I haven't forgotten about Columbus, OH :) I'm live in Georgia now but I'm from New Madison, OH.


June 3, 201402:07 pm

Thanks for the suggestion Joy!


June 3, 201412:28 pm



June 3, 201411:31 am

I never, ever get this coupon. In columbus. Not in inserts or the paper.

Joy Stainbrook

June 3, 201401:33 pm

Penny, Don't feel bad!! I have been couponing for a while. I live in Macon, GA and routinely get the local MAcon Telegraph. My papers coupons never had the "good coupons" and I was so upset. I was getting my papers at Kroger's a couple of weeks ago and made a comment to the service desk lady that "we never get any good coupons" and she said yeah I know! Then she said you know the Atlanta paper we carry always sells out fast. I thought hmm. Sure enough all this time the Atlanta paper was sitting right beside the Telegraph and I didn't even pay attention to it. It is 2.50 and you can get the telegraph for 1.00. BUT oh MY GOODNESS the coupons are just what I have been looking for!!! I will be paying extra for the Atlanta paper from now on. So maybe step out of your comfort and look for other papers around your area. May not work but it was one of those...what was I thinking moments!! :)


June 3, 201402:50 pm

Joy, Thanks for the tip! I'm in Warner Robins and always thought the same thing that we never get any good coupons in the Telegraph. I'll start picking up the Atlanta paper now.

Latesha Frazier

June 3, 201411:25 am

Kroger Crazy