Clear hair catalina

Many of you commented on this the last time I talked about the Clear Hair Catalina but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew to check your Redplum coupon insert today and see if you received this BIG FAT $2.50/1 Clear Hair coupon that will score you these for FREE! If you did not receive the coupon, remember we still have this $1.50 printable coupon that will still land you a super deal on these!!

Clear hair catalina

Clear Catalina

6/15 – 7/16 | Clear Scalp & Hair Products
Buy (2) = $5.00 OYNO


Deal Scenario:

As far as I know these are LIMIT 1 per transaction, so if you want more than 3 of each, be sure to separate your transactions! As a reminder, all Kroger Catalinas ROLL!!

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST. If you do not receive your Catalina, be sure to fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction to receive your money from Catalina.

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July 11, 201401:55 pm

Help! Have you tried clipping the Redplum digital coupon on your loyalty card? I did but it doesnt show on my Smith's app. Or is that normal? Super thanks!

Danielle B.

June 28, 201411:52 pm

BTW - the ecoupon for each brand only deducted once, even though I bought three each of the items.

Danielle B.

June 28, 201411:50 pm

I went today (of course, forgetting to buy the Clear) and purchased 3 Bounty @ $5.99 and 3 Charmin @ $5.99. I used a total of 6 $2/1 blinkie coupon's, and the ecoupons also came off. This was at King Soopers in CO. IDK if it's supposed to work that way, but mine did.


June 25, 201402:36 am

Who do I call when the catalina doesn't print?


June 24, 201407:32 pm

I did separate transactions. 2 per transaction amd rolled the catalinas. Fyi The clear men isn't charging tax..


June 24, 201401:50 pm

I found a bunch on manager clearance for $2.49, big money maker for me!!


June 23, 201401:34 pm

how many cat can you get in one transaction?


June 23, 201410:24 am

how long does the catalina run?


June 23, 201410:07 am

Cindy was that 10 in one transaction?


June 23, 201403:06 am

I bought 10 @ $4.99 each, got 5 Catalinas


June 23, 201406:23 pm

Really?!? The coupon says 2 like coupons per shopping trip. Was that 5 different shopping trips?


June 24, 201403:05 am

1 shopping trip. My kingsoopers takes up to 5 coupons per upc, per day


June 24, 201403:31 am


June 23, 201402:53 pm

Cindy, did you purchase all 10 in one transaction? Or 5 separate transactions? Thanks!


June 24, 201403:03 am

Yes, all 10 in one transaction


June 22, 201408:33 pm

There is also a 2.50/1 Kroger digital coupon to download too. Yay! :)


June 24, 201403:30 am


June 22, 201407:20 pm

I bought 4 and received 2 cats.

Shasta Morgan

June 22, 201406:40 pm

They were 5.99 at mine as well...


June 22, 201402:29 pm

I went to two different stores in my city, and they are priced at $5.99 here, not 4.99! Booo but $1 is still a great price!


June 22, 201412:37 pm

Can I use a Kroger mobile coupon


June 22, 201412:35 pm

I will do it Kroger coupon because save my money


June 22, 201412:00 pm

Can I use a kroger mobile coupon and mq on one transaction?

Jennifer B.

June 25, 201401:46 pm

@Jemmy - I'm no expert, but since I didn't see this answered yet, I'll chime in. You can use Kroger mobile coupons and MQ in the same transaction, but not on the same single product (meaning two on one bottle). Store coupons and MQ cannot be combined at Kroger (unlike at Target where you can add in a third level of savings with a Cartwheel, for example, all on the same single product).