Koch Oven CraversI've only said FREE once today so I needed to say it again. With this new sale at Kroger you'll be able to pick up a Koch Oven Craver for nothing..nada! Change your zip to 10001 and it will be on the 2nd page!

Koch Coupon

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June 27, 201409:06 pm

I was able to find them by going directly to the redplum.com site, clicking the "Frozen Food" link, and it was the only coupon available in that category. It will ask for your zip code (10001) when you choose the 'Select To Print' icon. Once you click the 'Select To Print' icon, a green button will appear at the top of the page that states '1 Coupon Ready'. Click that button, save the file it asks to save (P@H_prodcand-excE4Qyf.exe, your file name may differ), run the file & it should print after you choose 'Yes' to both of the pop-up windows. I used Firefox as a browser & didn't experience any issues. However, this is quite the process to print a coupon! o_O


June 29, 201405:10 am

Wow!! I finally got it to print! Thanks


June 26, 201411:49 pm



June 26, 201411:48 pm

If you go to commonkindness.com, click on the redplum coupon page from there, and change zip to 1001....the coupon is on second page. Could not get it to print on the link provided on this page for some reason


June 26, 201411:48 pm

Mine printed perfectly after following directions to change ZIP to 10001 and look on second page. :) However, these aren't on sale at my Kroger- boo! Oh well, $0.49 isn't bad either.


June 26, 201404:40 pm

i found it but cant get it to print either :(


June 26, 201404:09 pm

in which section is this product ? Can t find it


June 26, 201404:47 pm

Change the zip code to 10001 I couldnt find it at first either


June 27, 201408:44 am

sorry I mean in the store :-)


June 27, 201409:31 am

Liliane I can't find it in my store either. :(


July 7, 201403:55 pm

I found them by the chicken nuggets and bags of chicken.


June 26, 201403:22 pm

:( im not able to print it either


June 26, 201402:34 pm

I see it, but my computer is just spinning while trying to print it. Grrr...


June 26, 201402:28 pm

I see the coupon but its not letting me downloading software to print.


June 26, 201402:18 pm

Becky, I've had the same issues! Redplum needs to fix it!


June 26, 201402:00 pm

I have not bee able to get either :(

Double D

June 26, 201401:49 pm

I dont see the coupon either, bummer!


June 26, 201401:44 pm

Can't find it. Is it gone already?


June 26, 201402:11 pm

Did you change your zip to 10001? It's still there.


June 26, 201401:13 pm

I haven't been able to correctly print the redplum coupons since they updated their software. I've tried both ie and chrome, and both produce a whole page of the top of the coupon. I'm frustrated with all the great coupons I'm no longer able to print! Any ideas?


June 27, 201407:35 am

Same problem here....just printing the top over and over. :-(


June 26, 201411:49 pm

Check to see if your browsers are up to date, maybe? Wish I could be of more help!